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12/06/2010WTF?Continuation-Passing C: Compiling threads to events through continuations
12/06/2010Explained?Continuation-Passing C: Compiling threads to events through continuations
01/20/2010He's right. You really need to re-read it more carefully.Quantum Lambda Calculus
01/05/2010Wang Tiles?Colorful dominoes game hides an exercise in propositional logic
11/17/2009I might be able to look it upSeeking nearly anything re: so called language "bootstrapping" process
10/28/2009Infinities are tricky.What is a Type?
10/28/2009Solved problem (?)Seeking broad survey of wide range of concurrency idioms
09/13/2009NiceLEGO Turing Machine
08/16/2009There's nothing new under the sun.Eastwest: a new programming language and structure editor
08/11/2009Stepanov and McJones: Elements of ProgrammingStepanov and McJones: Elements of Programming
07/28/2009MinefieldDefinition of Functional Programming Language
07/29/2009ParsingDefinition of Functional Programming Language
07/23/2009Historic examplesResolved Debates in Syntax Design ?
07/10/2009PrecisionRepRap: the self-replicating machine
07/10/2009Analog vs DigitalRepRap: the self-replicating machine
06/15/2009Sex, Syntax and SemanticsHow Does Our Language Shape The Way We Think?
06/15/2009Dunno, but I can guessGRS vs LTRS
06/15/2009Ooh, maybe I have it.GRS vs LTRS
06/16/2009HmphGRS vs LTRS
06/11/2009Make your ownJob trends
06/13/2009Been done (sort of)A Case for Gestures/Visualizations and Against Concrete Syntax
05/22/2009Tracker + spill page = failTracker + spill page = fail
05/12/2009Really?C++ Frequently Questioned Answers
06/09/2009mot-a-mot?Right on!
04/02/2009How this happenedTwitter and Scala
03/27/2009ConfluenceThe Art of the Propagator
02/15/2009sigfpe weighs in.Parameterized Notions of Computation
02/17/2009Parametric polymorphismParameterized Notions of Computation
02/10/2009Off topic?On the (Im)possibility of Obfuscating Programs
02/03/2009J D GannonPL Grand Challenges
12/31/2008Red HerringProgrammable Concurrency in a Pure and Lazy Language
12/02/2008ConfusionFunctional building blocks as concurrency patterns
11/05/2008It *is* impossible.Total functional language self interpreter?
10/02/2008There's no good ideas out thereVisual Programming Language Syntax Formalisms
09/16/2008Hacker's DelightIrresistible programs
09/02/2008More precisely...What makes backreferences impossible in a DFA regular expressions evaluator?
09/01/2008But reallyIs COBOL really understandable after 14 years.
08/14/2008A hardware approachBalancing the tension of dev vs. debug?
05/07/2008Attribution?Language geek at the Maker Faire
03/16/2008Hate IEEE-754?Languages best suited for scientific computing?
12/10/2007No, actuallyfunctions, statements, expressions
12/08/2007Which version?poll: syntax
08/24/2007FontasticAn Accidental Simula User, Luca Cardelli
05/02/2007I've never understood this.Is Integer wrapping an exceptional condition?
05/18/2007CodataIs Integer wrapping an exceptional condition?
08/26/2009Just do itRegular Expression Matching Can Be Simple And Fast
09/16/2009ComplexityRegular Expression Matching Can Be Simple And Fast
02/13/2007SupercolliderEasy to learn and use
01/25/2007Combinatorial subtractionTotal Functional Programming
11/16/2006SETLAbstractly typed languages
11/09/2006spinBusy, busy, busy
08/24/2006Cost of context switcheswhat are the differences between erlang process and pthread threads?
08/24/2006Aagh!what are the differences between erlang process and pthread threads?
08/24/2006Ref. doesn't address the problem?what are the differences between erlang process and pthread threads?
11/27/2005Original referenceSystematic search for lambda expressions
11/23/2005What was I reading to write that?Code Reading
11/25/2005But they aren't (except as an optimization)Code Reading
11/23/2005The version I meantCode Reading
08/18/2005Really?'Information and Computation' Open Access
08/18/2005Re: troll'Information and Computation' Open Access
08/19/2005Re: You lose points...'Information and Computation' Open Access
04/16/2008Wrong siteGetting Started
11/09/2004Reimplementation StudyLanguage comparison experiment
11/01/2004Why Scheme is not my favorite programming language.Scheme Language Standardization Process: R6RS Progress Report
10/22/2004A Ken Thompson horrorShoot-out: most annoying compiler error message
10/22/2004APLShoot-out: most annoying compiler error message
07/26/2008Current whereaboutsShoot-out: most annoying compiler error message
09/28/2004What it this guy thinking?"The Silver Bullet"
03/02/2004Re: Eidola LanguageEidola Language
02/05/2004Re: Scope, generators and list comprehensions (Python)Scope, generators and list comprehensions (Python)
01/23/2004Re: Why Events Are a Bad IdeaWhy Events Are a Bad Idea

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