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01/22/2006User namesInfrastructure Announcement
06/07/2006Functional ObjectsReturn of the Global Variables?
06/10/2005Devil's advocateConnecting The Dots
06/03/2005Ads on LtU?Adam Bosworth: Ajax reconsidered
05/23/2005Not only off-topicLLVM 1.5 has been released!
01/25/2005A Compromise"Popular vs. Good" in Programming Languages
01/25/2005"Popular vs. Good" in Programming Languages"Popular vs. Good" in Programming Languages
12/09/2004Is syntax the problem?Casting SPELs in Lisp
12/08/2004SentGMail accounts
10/11/2004String formatting to language embeddingLanguage design: Escaping escapes
09/25/2004Is this some theory vs. practice thing?Dijkstra on analogies and anthropomorphism
09/21/2004Isn't it your own interpretatDijkstra on analogies and anthropomorphism
09/21/2004I think your points are perfeDijkstra on analogies and anthropomorphism
09/21/2004The difference is that he's tDijkstra on analogies and anthropomorphism
09/21/2004Dijkstra on analogies and anthropomorphismDijkstra on analogies and anthropomorphism

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