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01/28/2008ASM for JVM bytecode generationVM's... What's the best?
05/10/2007actually not compiled thoughSun's new JavaFX Script language
01/20/2007F3: New statically typed scripting language for javaF3: New statically typed scripting language for java
01/01/2007not much has changed in decades of programming language designWhy numbering should start at 0
09/23/2006i'd sayDesigning a Programming Textbook
01/04/2007re: My thorough rebuttalWhy Johnny can't code
05/30/2006also already implemented in booType inference for Python
05/30/2006p.s. python is never getting type inferenceType inference for Python
09/23/2006not incorrectType inference for Python
09/23/2006kay is a python fanaticruby vs python
11/21/2005__self__Ruby the Rival
09/22/2005see also boo and nemerleLogix: Multi-Language Programming
07/11/2005similar philosophy in booStatic Typing Where Possible, Dynamic Typing When Needed

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