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04/23/2008Certified compilers are already hereprogram verification: the very idea
04/23/2008Suppose I verify machine codeprogram verification: the very idea
02/08/2008Edison library10 Years of Purely Functional Data Structures
11/20/2007Some reading suggestionsWhat are the properties of "Functional Programming Languages"?
11/22/2007I think soWhat are the properties of "Functional Programming Languages"?
10/27/2007Forced to disagreeGödel, Nagel, minds and machines
10/28/2007I defined the type ofGödel, Nagel, minds and machines
10/28/2007An example boolean streamGödel, Nagel, minds and machines
10/28/2007Do you see where I'm comingGödel, Nagel, minds and machines
02/20/2007Some theoretical work on Dimension typesDimensional analysis typing
01/04/2007My ThoughtsCan referential transparency be bad? (puzzle included)
01/04/2007CoolCan referential transparency be bad? (puzzle included)
08/23/2006Check out TinkerTypegenerating interpreters, IDEs, etc., from simple specifications?
08/08/2006Why invent a new calculus?Ivor, a proof engine
07/07/2006Related paper: "Exploring the Acceptability Envelope"Failure-oblivious computing
07/06/2006This looks like a great intro to the topicsProgramming Languages and Lambda Calculi
06/08/2006Dataflow languagesWhy Are ALL Programming Languages So Low Level?
06/02/2006Debugging SpecificationsRelevance of Curry-Howard
05/02/2006Data structure API contractsFolding neither Left nor Right (or how to avoid overspecifying the solution to a problem)
10/11/2006Monads /= uniqueness typingTradeoffs between Unique Types and Monads
10/25/2005Why? No silver bullet, that's why.What do you mean by studying "programming languages"?

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