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08/09/2006Sounds like HopLisp Lovers, how would you fix Lisp or bring it up to date?
01/23/2006Linux all aroundChoice of OS of LtU readers
01/19/2006nopeReferentially Transparent Scheme
01/19/2006I seeReferentially Transparent Scheme
01/18/2006Scheme is easyLisp is sin
01/20/2006A specification is just a higher level languageLisp is sin
01/20/2006not all programming languages are specification languagesLisp is sin
01/23/2006That's why I said a logic languageLisp is sin
01/19/2006Lisp lists are binary treesLisp is sin
01/19/2006How many Lisp coders don't understand this?Lisp is sin
01/20/2006first, second, third, fourth, lastLisp is sin
01/18/2006What about Bigloo Scheme?Functional libraries for Java
01/11/2006only one solutionSingleton classes really that bad?

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