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05/05/2006konqueror and gvimYour favourite editor/IDE
11/18/2004loutSkribe 1.2b released
08/27/2004Multidimensional arraysMultidimensional arrays
08/29/2004Ruby sort of does, in that itMultidimensional arrays
08/16/2004Depends on the domainNew Paul Graham thing...
03/10/2005Reasonably impressive autogenAnother minor usability gripe...
07/22/2004linjIt's the language, stupid. Or is it?
07/10/2004for large values of 2Slashdot: "Favourite Programming Language Features?"
06/21/2004Theme previewsTheme previews
06/21/2004thanks!Welcome to the New, Improved LtU!
06/16/2003Re: The Little Coder's PredicamentThe Little Coder's Predicament
05/23/2003Coroutines in CCoroutines in C

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