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07/14/2010Foundation firstApp Inventor: Programming for non-programmers... again
06/18/2010Possible changeMore iPhone PL lockdown... Goodbye Scratch!
10/17/2008"Lack of Static Type-Checking" slide (#19)Two stories
02/27/2008not previously discussed?Foundations for Structured Programming with GADTs
01/23/2008Functional reflectionHow useful is reflection, anyway?
01/24/2008Scheme <-> HaskellThe Design and Implementation of Typed Scheme
01/24/2008Scheme in liskellThe Design and Implementation of Typed Scheme
11/28/2007"We don't need no stinking modules!"A survey and discussion of taming effects
10/19/2007Artificial Complexity of current programming systemsLearning Programming with Erlang
10/03/2007Can we get this in R6RS?OMeta: an Object-Oriented Language for Pattern Matching
09/20/2007online versionDecayed Memoization
03/12/2007"Beautiful Debugging"Beautiful Code: Leading Programmers Explain How They Think
03/08/2007Blending static and dynamic typingBlending static and dynamic typing
02/19/2007perspectiveLisp webcomic
02/05/2007Pseudotime and concurrencySteps Toward The Reinvention of Programming
01/23/2007There has been someTotal Functional Programming
01/24/2007Yes, but immediately afterTotal Functional Programming
01/25/2007Note that, mathematically,Total Functional Programming
02/06/2007Games with FPWhy people don't use functional programming?
01/09/2007Interlanguage Migration: From Scripts to ProgramsInterlanguage Migration: From Scripts to Programs
01/02/2007is there a difference fromLambda The Ultimate comes to SecondLife
12/22/2006brevityA Usability question: Too much typing?
12/21/2006Math-style notationThe Role of Composition in Computer Programming
12/06/2006"Folding"/FP traversal over trees"Folding"/FP traversal over trees
12/06/2006Phoenix V2"Folding"/FP traversal over trees
12/06/2006Zippers in C++?"Folding"/FP traversal over trees
12/06/2006separation of control, structural recursion vs. loops vs. HOFs"Folding"/FP traversal over trees
12/07/2006mapReduce"Folding"/FP traversal over trees
11/19/2006example?OOP language extension
11/15/2006Haskell -> Javascript converter, kind ofHaskell -> Javascript converter, kind of
11/19/2006Emergent "design"Functional programming and software engineering
10/26/2006Growing interest in Smalltalk?Growing interest in Smalltalk?
10/27/2006old smalltalkersGrowing interest in Smalltalk?
10/27/2006value-addGrowing interest in Smalltalk?
10/16/2006No analysis necessary?Good Ideas, Through the Looking Glass
09/26/2006ICFP proceedings / Scheme workshopICFP proceedings / Scheme workshop
09/12/2006prototype version?Decomposing lambda - the Kernel language
05/31/2006logic programmingThe Weird World of Bi-Directional Programming
06/08/2006type inference in smalltalkBuried Treasure - No Fluff Just Stuff
06/01/2006ML and Scheme .. and LuaBuried Treasure - No Fluff Just Stuff
06/08/2006on the contrary..Buried Treasure - No Fluff Just Stuff
05/23/2006a href="..."Orca chosen as default Syllable scripting language
05/15/2006Perhaps we should haveThe Problem With Threads
05/15/2006Null referencesNon-null references?
05/10/2006design patternsOpen data types and open functions
05/11/2006"problem"sOpen data types and open functions
05/02/2006Importance of the type-systemA Language-Based Approach to Unifying Events and Threads
04/20/2006"Down with Lambda-Lifting""Down with Lambda-Lifting"
04/06/2006FP support in PythonPython 2.5a1 released
03/29/2006constant folding for typecheckingExtremely static language?
03/29/2006Contracts as typecheckingExtremely static language?
03/08/2006not native SchemeACL2 in DrScheme
03/02/2006Am I missing something...The Theory of Classification - A Course on OO Type Systems
02/18/2006Types as an organizing principleGilad Is Right
02/18/2006Universal typesGilad Is Right
02/02/2006"Lenient" evaluationThe Next Mainstream Programming Languages
02/06/2006"magic stack GC" versus live-object GCThe Next Mainstream Programming Languages
02/03/2006'as' / types <-> valuesPackaging Data And Methods
02/07/2006more than one type, without typesPackaging Data And Methods
02/03/2006publishing ST changesetsPackaging Data And Methods
01/20/2006"Equal Rights for Functional Objects" implemented?Referentially Transparent Scheme
01/30/2006free copy available?Lisp is sin
01/13/2006multiple-CPU supportThe new old or The "Return" to Concurrency
12/30/2005FP-for-multiprocessor references?Guy Steele on Language Design
01/02/2006clarificationGuy Steele on Language Design
03/21/2006Referential TransparencyLinear types for aliased resources
10/06/2005concat w/fold-rightScoping based on control flow graph
10/06/2005or, another option..Scoping based on control flow graph
02/08/2006Any recent developments?Scoping based on control flow graph
10/05/2005MrFlowStatic type inference & late binding?
10/04/2005function-call space overhead"The Anatomy of a Loop"
09/28/2005OpenDylanICFP Programming Contest 2005 Results
09/26/2005note also..Continuations library for Java
08/31/2005Other windowing bindingsYearning for a practical scheme
08/30/2005Is it just me, or are the LisTim Bray on Ruby
08/16/2005Large imperative code --> functionalLarge imperative code --> functional
08/16/2005more state componentsLarge imperative code --> functional
08/16/2005display lists vs. "primitives"Large imperative code --> functional
08/22/2005examples?Large imperative code --> functional
08/16/2005'prev in thread', 'next in thread', list of follow-upsForum usability
08/12/2005Invariants/Contracts vs. typesInvariants/Contracts vs. types
08/10/2005"Higher-Order" intermediate language?Concatenative Language Kont

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