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12/22/2008What kind of abstraction?If Programming Languages were <T>
03/03/2008And, in ML-land:Bell-LaPadula and type safety
10/05/2007Concurrent Caml LightDerivation and Evaluation of Concurrent Collectors
10/17/2006Closures, you say?Good Ideas, Through the Looking Glass
09/23/2006PhonebooksDraft R6RS available
08/23/2006Reentrancy?Closures for Java or money back
08/03/2006Object layoutCovariance and typing
06/09/2006In C, too...Joshua Bloch: "Nearly All Binary Searches Broken"
06/09/2006slidingJoshua Bloch: "Nearly All Binary Searches Broken"
06/05/2006Operatic ObservationsHop: a Language for Programming the Web 2.0
06/07/2006Maybe not the best introduction, but something:The Weird World of Bi-Directional Programming
05/26/2006CAMLP4, anyone?Code Generation Network
04/09/2006PL/IFlexible Exception Handling (in Smalltalk)
11/17/2005It occurs to me that the diffWhat good is Strong Normalization in Programming Languages?
08/06/2005CamlP4, anyone?Overloading - Syntactic Heroin?
08/06/2005See also: The Little JavaScriA Lisp to JavaScript Compiler in 100 Lines
07/11/2005To follow or not to follow.Spam
05/24/2005Your example sounds not unlikParameterized Unit Tests
04/05/2005Another way to approach C++expressivity of "idiomatic C++"

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