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05/22/2012Languages with 'unique' programsLanguages with 'unique' programs
05/22/2012Could you expand a littleLanguages with 'unique' programs
05/22/2012No mainstream languagesLanguages with 'unique' programs
05/22/2012That we "need meaninglessLanguages with 'unique' programs
05/22/2012Another possible applicationLanguages with 'unique' programs
05/22/2012How do you know that itLanguages with 'unique' programs
05/22/2012It's only equivalent toLanguages with 'unique' programs
05/22/2012What if U = all programsLanguages with 'unique' programs
05/22/2012Very good point :) I need toLanguages with 'unique' programs
05/22/2012spectrumLanguages with 'unique' programs
05/24/2012That's actually a veryLanguages with 'unique' programs
05/22/2012Persistent data structuresFeather: A Heapless Functional Programming Language
09/18/2010What's inefficient about shared memory?FunLoft reactive, concurrent programming language
08/16/2010Err...The ideal style/system for namespaces.
02/14/2010Not necessarilyA few billion lines of code later: using static analysis to find bugs in the real world
12/30/2009Metrics or formailizations of "local reasoning"?Metrics or formailizations of "local reasoning"?
12/21/2009That dependsChunked sequences: Lookahead laziness
09/07/2009I don't recall seeing thatProving running times of algorithms
07/27/2009uh, what?Concepts Get Voted Off The C++0x Island
06/25/2009Most powerful terminating semantics?Most powerful terminating semantics?
06/26/2009Does this need a lemma?Most powerful terminating semantics?
06/29/2009Yes but...Most powerful terminating semantics?
07/09/2009Is that even safe?Most powerful terminating semantics?
07/14/2009Not so fast...Most powerful terminating semantics?
09/23/2008Think that's done alreadyTwilight of the GPU
07/19/2008Language/Interface for a 5-button deviceLanguage/Interface for a 5-button device
01/27/2008What is polytypism?How useful is reflection, anyway?
01/02/2008Polymorphism part was slightly confusingSubtext 2 Video
10/29/2007PL research & grad schools?PL research & grad schools?
10/29/2007AbsolutelyPL research & grad schools?
07/29/2007This study is drivelTesting first year programming students
08/02/2007WhoopsTesting first year programming students
11/06/2006I thought the point wasA rationale for semantically enhanced library languages
10/17/2006It's suitableDelevoping a new language...
10/03/2006Relationship between access modifiers and typeRelationship between access modifiers and type
10/03/2006fair question ;pRelationship between access modifiers and type
08/27/2006Implementing arraysImplementing arrays
09/02/2006O(1) may meet the academicImplementing arrays
08/28/2006Good catchesImplementing arrays
09/02/2006I think your implementationImplementing arrays
08/27/2006The main mistake you'reunchecked exceptions are like runtime type checking?
08/28/2006That's rather sweeping"Language Oriented Programming" Meta Programming System
08/02/2006Covariance and typingCovariance and typing
08/02/2006SortaCovariance and typing
08/02/2006void f(B *b, Derived2 d2)Covariance and typing
08/05/2006Yes, and that's theCovariance and typing
07/30/2006Polymorphic replacementPolymorphic replacement
07/30/2006How?Polymorphic replacement
07/30/2006That's not how assignment works in PythonPolymorphic replacement
07/15/2006I think the conclusions are bunkPredicting programming course success from a single entrance exam
07/16/2006Well, thinking to have aPredicting programming course success from a single entrance exam
07/16/2006Uh...Predicting programming course success from a single entrance exam
07/14/2006OOP Parallel class hierarchiesOOP Parallel class hierarchies
07/04/2006DSLs and operator associativity/precedenceDSLs and operator associativity/precedence
07/04/2006I disagreeLexical structure of scripting languages
06/25/2006I've coded C++ as my job forPetition for adding garbage collection to C++.
06/21/2006What are the real benefits of FP?What are the real benefits of FP?
06/22/2006Or for the C++ programmersWhat are the real benefits of FP?
06/22/2006Interesting replies...What are the real benefits of FP?
06/22/2006Well...What are the real benefits of FP?
08/27/2006I trust you're not codingYour favourite editor/IDE
04/08/2006Not to get too off topic...Eiffel Studio adds GPL version
04/20/2006Hostage?Eiffel Studio adds GPL version
03/20/2006Reversible generatorsReversible generators
02/27/2006You wouldn't want toJon Udell: Multi-language runtimes
02/19/2006Vec v = { 2.3, 1.2, 6.7, 4.5Stroustrup: A Brief Look at C++0x
02/04/2006What about the verbosity problem?The Next Mainstream Programming Languages
01/29/2006That's outdatedPyPy
01/07/2006Singleton classes really that bad?Singleton classes really that bad?
01/07/2006Hmm....Singleton classes really that bad?
01/08/2006Do programmers hate scala for it?Singleton classes really that bad?
01/08/2006I dunnoSingleton classes really that bad?
01/12/2006I stated in my original postSingleton classes really that bad?
01/08/2006WhoaClassic CS Texts
01/04/2006Well..Stroustrup talking about C++0x
11/30/2005New languages for OS level programming?New languages for OS level programming?
11/26/2005Getting started in language design -- reading material?Getting started in language design -- reading material?
12/01/2005lolGetting started in language design -- reading material?
12/06/2005Here's a possible definitionWhat is Intuitive?
08/27/2006You should actually try boostApple: procedural -> OO -> AOP -> advanced procedural
01/12/2006You can.The fate of reduce() in Python 3000
01/12/2006For those who are really concernedThe fate of reduce() in Python 3000

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