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01/27/2012Why copy the entire blog post here?Language outline of Modern Eiffel (SW Verification)
11/19/2009More current home for FelixGo or Unladen Swallow?
12/04/2007Tail recursion in OpenQuarkClojure
09/30/2009How about Papers?Tools for (PhD) Researching
09/29/2009OutlinersTools for (PhD) Researching
09/27/2006Why multiple languages?Designing a Programming Textbook
09/28/2006Don't confuse teaching concepts and language syntaxDesigning a Programming Textbook
09/19/2006PeakStream - a multi-core stream processing modelPeakStream - a multi-core stream processing model
09/20/2006The AMD factorPeakStream - a multi-core stream processing model
09/18/2006AliceConcurrency made easy?
05/18/2006Eclipse + Perl = garbage collection??The World's Most Maintainable Programming Language
05/26/2006Emacs's hostility to GUIsYour favourite editor/IDE
05/25/2006Info vs. HTMLYour favourite editor/IDE
05/31/2006A more serious problemYour favourite editor/IDE
08/16/2006FP and memory issuesObject Oriented Programming + Referential Transparency
12/17/2009New linksLisp-Stat does not seem to be in good health lately.

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