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04/23/2010Common Lisp package system tutorialModule systems for Lisp like language
12/03/2007Leaks and reachabilityQuantifying the Performance of Garbage Collection vs. Explicit Memory Management
01/01/2007What do people actually do?Why numbering should start at 0
07/14/2007dangling elseDodo
07/31/2006Common LispPolymorphic replacement
07/17/2006Consistent group needs subdividingPredicting programming course success from a single entrance exam
04/11/2006Other problems with audioWard Cunningham podcast: Smalltalk, little languages, XP, typing and future of software
04/11/2006Zero, one, infinity rulepublic vs. published interfaces
04/12/2006Rule is a partial orderpublic vs. published interfaces
04/04/2006Lisp: source code is a data structurePurity in PLT
03/29/2006Standard example: x=0 or log x < t"Semi-complete" Boolean Evaluation?
03/20/2006Trade cycles for memoryReversible generators
03/17/2006Depends on secondary educationProgramming: 50, 100 years from now
02/28/2006Unwinding a historical accidentTail call elimination decorator in Python
02/18/2006Exponential growth of backslashesAccidental Syntax
02/11/2006There is more to writing than typingSociology of a Language Construct
01/21/2006Model theory perspectiveWhat is a Proposition?
10/30/2005partial evaluationThe Type-System-Feature-Creep Death Spiral
10/30/2005Goes deep into part of the probemThe Type-System-Feature-Creep Death Spiral
10/26/2005Going bananasIncremental algorithm help
10/25/2005Whole thesis is onlineIncremental algorithm help
10/25/2005PreliminariesTerminology proposal
10/05/2005Parallel to let versus lambda"The Anatomy of a Loop"
02/12/2006Learning through meta-programmingThe fate of reduce() in Python 3000

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