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02/12/20103NF in MDA/UML?Why prolog is by far the best, most productive, easiest programming language
07/01/2009(1) C is (essentially) aMost powerful terminating semantics?
07/02/2009TerminologyMost powerful terminating semantics?
05/07/2009HistoryRight on!
10/04/2008Clojure talk videosClojure talk videos
10/05/2008More informationClojure talk videos
10/05/2008OKClojure talk videos
09/24/2008Emily: Capability-secure version of OCamlSecurity in FP
03/11/2008More one book[Ask LTU] How to implement concurrent languages ?
10/22/2007Why all the buzz now?The End of an Architectural Era (It's Time for a Complete Rewrite)
12/04/2006Simon Peyton Jones BookPractical Laziness
08/09/2006Alan TuringOracles
08/10/2006I forgot about the original Turing "not a machine" requirementOracles
06/23/2006Not sureWhat are the real benefits of FP?
06/06/2006Dual CalculusRelevance of Curry-Howard
05/26/2006BlackBox Component Builder has been open sourcedBlackBox Component Builder has been open sourced
02/01/2006Could use lists?Lambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
02/01/2006I have an object in thisLambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
10/25/2005ADT != OOWhat do you mean by studying "programming languages"?
10/17/2005Featherweight JavaObject Oriented Programming + Referential Transparency
10/11/2005Computational power != expressivenessThe Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth
10/04/2005Finite State Machine"The Anatomy of a Loop"
10/04/2005Maybe I misused "expressive""The Anatomy of a Loop"
10/04/2005I didn“t mean eliminate comp"The Anatomy of a Loop"
10/05/2005Ok. Using just 2 states was a"The Anatomy of a Loop"
09/23/2005What means "native"?Ruby: Language of the Programming Ɯbermensch?
09/23/2005All languages become machine codeRuby: Language of the Programming Ɯbermensch?
09/06/2005Links?Yearning for a practical scheme
08/23/2005What about the size of the arIvory Towers and Gelfand's Principle
08/24/2005MVCIvory Towers and Gelfand's Principle
07/04/2005I agree. Desktop search is niOrganizing papers...
01/25/2005Maybe you find this book usefGetting Started
01/21/2005PrologOOP Is Much Better in Theory Than in Practice
11/23/2004PLaSM - functional language for computing with geometryPLaSM - functional language for computing with geometry
10/28/2004UML definitionsProgramming for non-programmers
10/15/2004ErlangDistributed Functional Programming
10/07/2004OberonHouse , hOp - the Haskell Operating System
09/05/2003Re: Using an Abstracted Interpreter to Understand Abstract InterpretationUsing an Abstracted Interpreter to Understand Abstract Interpretation
06/21/2002Re: Elephant 2000Elephant 2000

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