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02/08/2009Bertrand Russel invented type systemsWhat is the dual of { } ?
02/08/2009OK... well I'm still notWhat is the dual of { } ?
02/08/2009About ZF,What is the dual of { } ?
03/14/2007I think the Relational model casts interesting light on this.Implementation Inheritance
02/17/2007Check out the 'prototype' library for JavascriptHow to teach Functional Programming... in Flash???
01/31/2007This would appeal to me more, aestheticallyFirst Class Relationships in an Object-oriented Language
01/02/2007Undecidable in general, butQuestion About Computational Complexity
12/23/2006Name-free graph-based representationsQuotation and evaluation -- or, how pure is the pure lambda calculus?
12/22/2006How would you type S ?Modeling and Typing Combinatory Calculus
11/16/2006Abstractly typed languagesAbstractly typed languages
11/18/2006Yes, optimization wasn't really the main pointAbstractly typed languages
11/23/2006InterestingAbstractly typed languages
09/28/2006I'd suggest C, not C++Designing a Programming Textbook
09/18/2006Why Johnny can't codeWhy Johnny can't code
09/21/2006Actually yesWhy Johnny can't code
09/03/2006In a dependently typed languageConstant Values as Types
09/03/2006More thoughts -Constant Values as Types
09/03/2006I think it would be undecideableConstant Values as Types
09/04/2006I see what you're sayingConstant Values as Types
09/04/2006Now I think about itConstant Values as Types
05/02/2006This looks really interestingLinks: Web Programming Without Tiers
05/04/2006Well I was thinking more along the linesLinks: Web Programming Without Tiers
04/22/2006Mathematical perspectiveThe fundamental difference between Sets and Lists?
12/23/2005Simple question I expect butAn Operational Foundation for Delimited Continuations in the CPS Hierarchy
12/24/2005Ah thanksAn Operational Foundation for Delimited Continuations in the CPS Hierarchy
12/11/2005Have a play with Max/MSPIs this a new programming paradigm
11/08/2005NitpickType Nomenclature
11/01/2005Looks like a fairly trivialParsing and syntax reordering
10/27/2005I know nothing about hardware design butWould LISP/FP help here?
09/30/2005Tail recursion sacrafices"The Anatomy of a Loop"
09/30/2005Hmm... yeah I can see it woul"The Anatomy of a Loop"
09/30/2005(Sorry just thinking aloud th"The Anatomy of a Loop"
09/25/2005Recursion feels quite intuitiveWhat is Intuitive?
09/22/2005Maybe I'm missing something bTable Oriented Programming
09/23/2005...except that, IIRC, you canMost Productive FP Lang?
09/15/2005Category theoryCategory theory
09/15/2005Ah that sounds like the kindCategory theory
09/02/2005MySQL and foreign keysRuby on Rails: An Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson
09/02/2005ActiveRecord and the relational modelRuby on Rails: An Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson
09/02/2005Oh rightRuby on Rails: An Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson
09/03/2005OopsRuby on Rails: An Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson
09/03/2005Well I expect you could cookRuby on Rails: An Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson
09/03/2005True, Ruby is perhaps more haRuby on Rails: An Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson
09/02/2005WowYearning for a practical scheme
07/22/2005Poly time church-turingThe Complexity Zoo
07/23/2005Of course, although most of cThe Complexity Zoo
07/28/2005I agree! I was merely pointinThe Complexity Zoo
06/27/2005Not intuitiveWhy recursing is better than looping
06/27/2005More so than iteration, I meaWhy recursing is better than looping
06/09/2005popularityHappy Birthday, PHP...
05/10/2005More sites like LambdaMore sites like Lambda
05/11/2005Maths sitesMore sites like Lambda
09/28/2004Someone already has :-)The Language of Biology
07/14/2004IO monadsExplaining monads
06/22/2004Binary relationsBinary relations

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