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12/24/2010First of the first, what'sPrototyping a new language with Haskell
12/05/2010Earley parser normally hasPure and Declarative Syntax Definition: Paradise Lost and Regained, Onward 2010
11/26/2010Rich enough type system never rich enoughClojure's Solutions to the Expression Problem
11/03/2010Some of such "contextanother new language, Chomsky hierarchy Type-0
09/13/2009A small language is enoughScheme to be split into two languages
09/17/2008i + (j-i)/2Irresistible programs
12/08/2010Two methodsThis class type
05/20/2006Copy-Pasting a lotEthnographic Study of Copy and Paste Programming Practices in OOPL
05/19/2006Some important points are missingThe World's Most Maintainable Programming Language
05/12/2006int and T*Designing a Type Notation for a Stack Based Functional Language
04/03/2006choosing purityPurity in PLT
04/04/2006ForthPurity in PLT
03/19/2006More productivityACM Queue: On Usability of Programming Languages
02/16/2006Choosing operators in C++Concatenation Operators in Unimperative

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