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06/24/2011Fallaciousmodules are anti-modular
08/12/2008TransformsProgramming Language Beauty: Look Closure
04/27/2008haXeStatic Analysis for Duck Typing
10/30/2007haXeTechnometria: Google Web Toolkit
10/19/2007NekoAny multi-threaded interpreters?
05/11/2007haXe"The language of the future is javascript"
05/15/2007Neko ?Microsoft's new Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)
03/29/2007My own betExpect New Major Language Within Five Years
04/01/2007optional ?Expect New Major Language Within Five Years
02/24/2007Dao VMDao, a new programming language
11/17/2006haXeHaskell -> Javascript converter, kind of
10/31/2006haXeContinuations, yield, ES4
08/26/2006You Should Careunchecked exceptions are like runtime type checking?
08/20/2006May I plug....Technometria: AJAX Progress and Challenges
08/23/2006The NekoVM which haXe isTechnometria: AJAX Progress and Challenges
08/09/2006I'm currently working on theLisp Lovers, how would you fix Lisp or bring it up to date?
07/24/2006That's not because that suchAdvantages of Soft Typing
07/24/2006structural subtypingAdvantages of Soft Typing
07/14/2006NekoVMWriting an interpreter, targeting a VM or writing from scratch?
07/14/2006Language-independent VMWriting an interpreter, targeting a VM or writing from scratch?
07/14/2006NekoCan anyone here help a newbie on language interpretation, want book reference and possible sample code.
07/13/2006Or Neko...Pluvo : new hybrid scripting language
06/19/2006OCaml uses +/- as well forVariance and Generalized Constraints for C# Generics
06/15/2006An expressive type system + syntactic sugarWhy only 'minimal' languages
06/16/2006Type inferenceWhy only 'minimal' languages
06/14/2006C++ ?HLVM - High Level Virtual Machine toolkit for dynamic languages
06/14/2006The NekoVM bytecode itselfHLVM - High Level Virtual Machine toolkit for dynamic languages
06/15/2006Not yet. But it's anHLVM - High Level Virtual Machine toolkit for dynamic languages
06/10/2006haXeA DSL based Web Framework.
06/10/2006TrueA Brief History of Scala
06/01/2006Next JSJavaScript 2 and the Future of the Web
06/01/2006This is similar to using aType inference for Python
05/23/2006haXe 1.0haXe 1.0
05/19/2006haXeGoogle Web Toolkit
08/20/2006That's why...Google Web Toolkit
05/05/2006on MTASCWhat do you believe about Programming Languages (that you can't prove (yet))?
04/27/2006See also haXeOberon Script. A Lightweight Compiler and Runtime System for the Web
04/20/2006Microsoft or not....Lang .NET 2006
03/28/2006SubtypingType Inference in Object Oriented Languages
03/29/2006Variance / SubtypingType Inference in Object Oriented Languages
03/21/2006The good oldGosling vs. Dynamic Languages
03/24/2006I agree but...Gosling vs. Dynamic Languages
03/25/2006Java GenericsGosling vs. Dynamic Languages
03/25/2006PerformancesGosling vs. Dynamic Languages
02/27/2006CompilerJon Udell: Multi-language runtimes
02/27/2006There is two languagesJon Udell: Multi-language runtimes
02/28/2006VM ComparisonJon Udell: Multi-language runtimes
03/01/2006Just need some free time toJon Udell: Multi-language runtimes
02/23/2006Motion-TypesSignature Based Polymorphism, Structural Subtyping and Duck Typing
02/20/2006Separate Type System from RuntimeGilad Is Right
02/01/2006Data oriented PLPackaging Data And Methods
01/31/2006PleaseWeak vs. strong typing
02/01/2006SorryWeak vs. strong typing
01/27/2006Not automated but...Programming Language transformation?
01/15/2006IDE need a part of the compilerPaul Vick: Language Design & Paying the UI "Tax"
01/09/2006Next Neko Features ?Next Neko Features ?
12/31/2005Globals are not so badReturn of the Global Variables?
12/29/2005I agreeDuck typing vs Structural Subtyping
01/01/2006Neko FFI[Newbie] Where can I learn about VM / C interfacing?
12/17/2005NekoVirtual machine implementation and dynamic languages
11/23/2005compiler and VMCode Reading
11/10/2005Neko 1.1 ReleasedNeko 1.1 Released
11/14/2005already several languagesNeko 1.1 Released
11/19/2005OSX supportNeko 1.1 Released
09/23/2005Language is not SyntaxRuby: Language of the Programming √úbermensch?
09/17/2005Syntactic Sugar ?Nemerle and C# 3.0
08/18/2005Neko 1.0Neko 1.0
08/18/2005Neko VS LLVM / DotNet / ParrotNeko 1.0
08/19/2005FAQNeko 1.0
08/18/2005SugarNeko 1.0
08/07/2005A VM for RubyHave scripting languages peaked?
08/07/2005Overloading is freeOverloading - Syntactic Heroin?
07/12/2005MTASC SlidesMTASC Slides
07/10/2005MixingParrot 0.2.2 Released
07/11/2005The opcodes are parrot's APIParrot 0.2.2 Released
06/21/2005MTASCJavaScript 2.0: Evolving a Language for Evolving Systems
06/27/2005MotionTypesJavaScript 2.0: Evolving a Language for Evolving Systems
05/22/2005Neko ASTAST intermediate representations
04/25/2005Virtual Machine and Runtime FrameworkVirtual Machine and Runtime Framework
04/25/2005Lowlevel VS HighlevelVirtual Machine and Runtime Framework
04/28/2005Because...Virtual Machine and Runtime Framework
04/25/2005LLVMVirtual Machine and Runtime Framework
04/27/2005Kind of.Virtual Machine and Runtime Framework
04/27/2005You're true.Virtual Machine and Runtime Framework
04/27/2005SpecsVirtual Machine and Runtime Framework
04/27/2005Javascript is interpreted.Virtual Machine and Runtime Framework
04/27/2005Re : ConcernsVirtual Machine and Runtime Framework
04/28/2005PrecisionsVirtual Machine and Runtime Framework
04/28/2005My mistakeVirtual Machine and Runtime Framework
04/28/200531 bits performancesVirtual Machine and Runtime Framework
04/14/2005Web Progamming LanguageLinks
10/16/2004Ocaml-ILF#, a functional language for .Net

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