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04/07/2010How exactly did BarwiseA Formal System For Euclid's Elements
06/30/2009Coq (the most widely used),Most powerful terminating semantics?
06/23/2009OT: Constraint diagramsPerlis Languages
04/01/2009Excuse me for chipping in,Announcing the Haskot
04/01/2009Perhaps his point aboutAnnouncing the Haskot
10/22/2008Summary of Dependently Typed Systems?Summary of Dependently Typed Systems?
10/26/2008Thanks guys, your repliesSummary of Dependently Typed Systems?
10/27/2008Thanks for the link, Adam'sSummary of Dependently Typed Systems?
12/01/2009It has a more narrow scopePost new comment vs. reply

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