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12/03/2010Lazy Perl HackersHaskell Researchers Announce Discovery of Industry Programmer Who Gives a Shit
08/15/2010NoMiguel de Icaza on Java lawsuit
07/21/2010SoundScribble: Closing the Book on Ad Hoc Documentation Tools
07/23/2010bugs and browsersScribble: Closing the Book on Ad Hoc Documentation Tools
07/23/2010"beat"The Future of C#
07/09/2010BitC and ATSThe Rust Language
04/17/2010HaskellBrians functional brain
04/09/2010Not anymoreiPhone PL lockdown
03/12/2010Urbit: Functional programming from scratchUrbit: Functional programming from scratch
03/12/2010Why not lambda?Urbit: Functional programming from scratch
01/08/2010Does Scratch qualify?Rapid Prototyping tools & environments from academia
12/24/2009Here's a more balancedHoliday Fun: How Programming Language Fanboys See Each Others' Languages
11/17/2009MVar versionGo or Unladen Swallow?
10/21/2009ValaThe design process for Zimbu
08/18/2009Python, Sawzallsomething strange happened after implementing a first interpreter
08/15/2009Running is not enoughPerl Cannot Be Parsed: A Formal Proof
07/22/2009Source encoding; associative array literalsResolved Debates in Syntax Design ?
07/14/2009Feynman and machine replicationRepRap: the self-replicating machine
06/30/2009Compile-time, not run-timeModern dynamic linking infrastructure for PLT
06/17/2009Closing tagSemantics: Logic vs. PL
05/13/2009vvvv, visual languages, and concurrencyComputer music: a bastion of interactive visual dataflow languages
04/16/2010More Haskell video lecturesCombinators for contracts
10/07/2009The Linear BestiaryEffect Systems?
01/23/2004"Why Events Are A Bad Idea""Why Events Are A Bad Idea"
06/24/2003PEP 289Charming Python: Using combinatorial functions in the itertools module
06/02/2003Re: Shrink-wrap developers: what programming language?Shrink-wrap developers: what programming language?

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