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11/11/2011MaudeIs the Expression Problem Fundamental?
11/07/2011Haskell V Java type checkingHaskell V Java type checking
11/07/2011functions addedHaskell V Java type checking
11/07/2011Nor do I see anything that connects the data types C and D to thHaskell V Java type checking
07/16/2010Is lambda calculus a logic?Is lambda calculus a logic?
12/14/2009Haskell and logicHaskell and logic
12/17/2009Reason (3) does not seem to be a valid one.Haskell and logic
12/15/2009Where is the logic in Haskell?Haskell and logic
07/23/2009Approaches to dependent types(DT)Approaches to dependent types(DT)
03/26/2009Haskell's type classes and CafeOBJ's module systemHaskell's type classes and CafeOBJ's module system

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