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02/14/2011It seems to me thatExperience with non-linearized superclasses?
01/13/2011Dragon bookEvaluation strategies: authoritative reference?
01/16/2011My current guess is thatEvaluation strategies: authoritative reference?
01/16/2011it claims that call-by-nameEvaluation strategies: authoritative reference?
01/16/2011CTMCP of P. van Roy and S. HaridiEvaluation strategies: authoritative reference?
11/30/2010What am I missing? At firstYacc is dead
04/23/2010Module systems for Lisp like languageModule systems for Lisp like language
04/24/2010At first look it isModule systems for Lisp like language
10/08/2006PL360, HLAAssembly language for Power Architecture
04/06/2006Modula-3public vs. published interfaces
03/11/2006Hardware DesignVisualisable Languages
03/15/2006PlanarityVisualisable Languages
02/17/2006It is possible to makeAccidental Syntax
02/14/2006My understanding is thatInterval Computations
07/04/2011This is a case ofNon-English-Based Programming Languages

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