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08/17/2008c runs on many plattformsoutput language for new statically typed language?
05/30/2007optimization: unused arguments are not evaluated"Practical" advantages of lazy evaluation
02/15/2007not sure if the topic is ok for ltuHow to teach Functional Programming... in Flash???
08/08/2006implement it on the flash playerLisp Lovers, how would you fix Lisp or bring it up to date?
08/27/2006feature list ?Lisp Lovers, how would you fix Lisp or bring it up to date?
08/03/2006Peter Seibel's practical common lisp & lispboxLisp Beginer seeking for advice
08/20/2006java to language xGoogle Web Toolkit
08/01/2006Juristic texts prove thatWhat do you believe about Programming Languages (that you can't prove (yet))?
03/29/2006aka Command Query Principle"Semi-complete" Boolean Evaluation?
02/21/2006source code conversionsource code conversion
02/22/2006yes i was dreaming probably, but ...source code conversion
01/07/2006singletons can't be replacec by interfacesSingleton classes really that bad?

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