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04/23/2008Doesn't sound correct to meStatic Typing and Expressivity
04/24/2008How do you do overload resolutionStatic Typing and Expressivity
04/15/2008Languages can't be secure...The irreducible physicality of security properties
04/05/2008Monad TutorialsApril 1st special: The War of the Worlds
01/14/2008My PredictionsPrediction for 2008
12/29/2008Scoring myselfPrediction for 2008
05/30/2007What type of laziness?"Practical" advantages of lazy evaluation
05/31/2007I'm not sure"Practical" advantages of lazy evaluation
05/16/2007DataThe Monad.Reader
04/11/2007What I find oddDeliverable code?
09/06/2005YeekThreads Cannot be Implemented as a Library
08/05/2005The lack of a common contract is the problemOverloading - Syntactic Heroin?
08/05/2005By this logicOverloading - Syntactic Heroin?
07/28/2005My answerA software engineering problem: how would functional programming solve it?
07/22/2005Fewer test casesOn the Revival of Dynamic Languages
06/08/2005Garbage collection helpsData locality and data structures
06/02/2005Power the excuse, not the reasonVariables as Channels
04/04/2005So was OOexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
04/05/2005Yes- that was precisely what I meantexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
04/05/2005Be carefull about who you call advancedexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
04/06/2005Yesexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
04/04/2005Ocaml Solution (purely applicative, O(N log N))expressivity of "idiomatic C++"
04/05/2005Yeahexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
04/04/2005A Lazy Ocaml Versionexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
04/05/2005This is an O(N) solutionexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
03/15/2005I agreeOCaml vs. C++ for Dynamic Programming
01/20/2005What a diasterOOP Is Much Better in Theory Than in Practice

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