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10/27/2011I wasn't aware that RobinJohn McCarthy has passed
10/27/2011I wasn't around in thoseJohn McCarthy has passed
10/15/2011Pretty much for my entireDennis Ritchie passed away
10/15/2011That's a good pointDennis Ritchie passed away
10/14/2011It seems like that to meThe Trouble with Erlang
09/05/2011Paul Graham hates MLthe gnu extension language
12/15/2009Scheme programmer becoming fond of HaskellEleven Theses on Clojure
03/21/2008R5RSLisp creates lisp
02/26/2008Also agreeArc is released
03/21/2008I figured that Paul wouldArc is released
02/26/2008too terseArc is released
11/08/2006Erlang purely functional?Want to learn something new
11/08/2006Doesn't Erlang haveWant to learn something new
11/10/2006Ok, that makes sense.Want to learn something new

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