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11/07/2007.PL research & grad schools?
06/23/2007When I first began learningPLs and large scale development
06/08/2007C++HOPL III: Evolving a language in and for the real world: C++ 1991-2006
08/23/2006Good IDE?Closures for Java or money back
08/23/2006But practically, right now...Closures for Java or money back
06/10/2006AgainLtU: blog not forum!
06/11/2006Personally, I think youLtU: blog not forum!
06/08/2006The only high level conceptWhy Are ALL Programming Languages So Low Level?
05/09/2006Maybe a programming languageThe Nature of Lisp (a tutorial)
05/09/2006.The Nature of Lisp (a tutorial)
05/12/2006I guess this may really beThe Nature of Lisp (a tutorial)
05/03/2006EmacsYour favourite editor/IDE
05/04/2006I'm curious as to what youYour favourite editor/IDE
01/22/2006I use Mac OS X. I used WindowChoice of OS of LtU readers
09/01/2005indeedYearning for a practical scheme
09/01/2005wellYearning for a practical scheme
09/02/2005a second lookYearning for a practical scheme
09/05/2005.Yearning for a practical scheme

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