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10/09/2010Javascript as assemblerHaskell implementation in Javascript
10/07/2010Is cloning independent of message-passingIs cloning independent of message-passing
10/08/2010Objects all the wayIs cloning independent of message-passing
08/30/2010Choosing a VM for a concurrent languageChoosing a VM for a concurrent language
09/03/2010To get back on topicChoosing a VM for a concurrent language
08/21/2010Unifying Actors and Objects?Unifying Actors and Objects?
08/23/2010Join calculus resourceUnifying Actors and Objects?
09/13/2010What about the become construct?Unifying Actors and Objects?
09/14/2010But is it necessary?Unifying Actors and Objects?
04/14/2010Ideas for a PL-oriented honors thesisIdeas for a PL-oriented honors thesis
10/31/2010Look at PlaidConcurrent Composition and Algebras of Events, Actions, and Processes

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