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01/31/2012POPL PaperVellvm: Formalizing the LLVM Intermediate Representation for Verified Program Transformations
10/11/2011Lars Bak on DartGoogle's Dart announced
10/12/2011Gilad Bracha on DartGoogle's Dart announced
10/07/2011Eric Schmidt on Steve JobsOpen thread: RIP Steve Jobs
10/07/2011Stephen WolframOpen thread: RIP Steve Jobs
04/13/2011Got tea in my coffeeRedhat's New Language
04/06/2011Computer History MuseumHistory of PL
03/30/20112010 LLVM Developers' MeetingFinding and Understanding Bugs in C Compilers
04/03/2011iPad tracks 11 fingers,Programming on an iPhone
04/11/2011TouchStudioProgramming on an iPhone
03/16/2011Interview With Albert Gräf - Author of the Pure Programming LanguageInterview With Albert Gräf - Author of the Pure Programming Language
02/26/2011Rob Pike on Parallelism and Concurrency in Programming LanguagesInfoQ video + transcript of Rob Pike on Go
01/15/2011MapReduce and Parallel DBMSs: Friends or Foes?guy steele on how (not) to think of parallel programming
11/04/2010Sawzall Language Open SourcedSawzall Language Open Sourced
10/17/2010Using Hackage to Inform Language DesignUsing Hackage to Inform Language Design
10/01/2010WekaWhat is the best system for experimenting with and visualizing complex algorithms?
08/28/2010Sapir-Whorf 70 years onSapir-Whorf 70 years on
08/24/2010Paper is availableType Classes as Objects and Implicits
07/28/2010Publisher's siteBook: Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design
08/03/2010+1 for no linkIt's been ten years!
07/28/2010Happy Birthday!It's been ten years!
07/28/2010Adding to the reviews listOSCON 2010 Emerging Languages Camp
09/05/2010Videos onlineOSCON 2010 Emerging Languages Camp
09/22/2010Server is back upOSCON 2010 Emerging Languages Camp
07/25/2010Seems to be..History: CPL, the great-grandfather of C
07/28/2010Interview with the designerThe Mirah Language
06/25/2010Xtext: An IDE on the cheapXtext: An IDE on the cheap
06/08/2010SIGPLAN's first Programming Languages Software Award goes to LLVMSIGPLAN's first Programming Languages Software Award goes to LLVM
06/11/2010import of clang/LLVM into FreeBSD HEADSIGPLAN's first Programming Languages Software Award goes to LLVM
06/11/2010Licensing seems to be the main issueSIGPLAN's first Programming Languages Software Award goes to LLVM
06/09/2010Now there's a debugger tooSIGPLAN's first Programming Languages Software Award goes to LLVM
06/08/2010PLT Scheme is a RacketRacket Released
05/17/2010Algol 58/60Algol 58/60
04/16/2010CLBrians functional brain
04/15/2010Maxine VM: A VM in JavaMaxine VM: A VM in Java
04/16/2010PaperMaxine VM: A VM in Java
09/09/2010DifferenceiPhone PL lockdown
09/09/2010Download restricted to non-JS languagesiPhone PL lockdown
04/06/2010Emerging Languages ConferenceEmerging Languages Conference
04/12/2010Not O'Reilly sponsored conferenceEmerging Languages Conference
03/28/2010Small is Beautiful: the design of LuaSmall is Beautiful: the design of Lua
03/29/2010EventuallySmall is Beautiful: the design of Lua
03/31/2010BiographyLate Robin Milner
03/10/2010Looks like itHave tracing JIT compilers won?
03/11/2010SchemeHave tracing JIT compilers won?
03/09/2010Works for meFighting Bit Rot with Types (Scala Collections)
03/09/2010latterFighting Bit Rot with Types (Scala Collections)
02/19/2010clopenReminder: OOPSLA is now SPLASH
02/19/2010Open Access to Scientific PublicationsReminder: OOPSLA is now SPLASH
05/06/2010Hip-hop source availableHipHop: Facebook runs compiled PHP on its servers
01/22/2010sort by author is not working.see history of things i started (vs. commented on)?
01/15/2010Here's somecatalog of functional approaches to games?
01/01/2010Live statThe year in review, and What's to come
12/31/2009Iokemost water-tight real-world language implementation?
01/05/2010Even OOP is too muchThe AI Systems of Left 4 Dead
12/18/2009ETL->MySQL->RBack to the Future: Lisp as a Base for a Statistical Computing System
12/16/2009Previous DiscussionsWhy API Design Matters
12/17/2009Paper & Lecture SlidesThe Development of Sage
11/14/2009"Don't worry about overflowing a punched card."Go or Unladen Swallow?
11/19/2009Objective C 2.0 is open sourceGo or Unladen Swallow?
11/09/2009Integer multiplications and additions are associativeState of the art C compiler optimization tricks
11/05/2009The Origins of APLThe Origins of APL
11/05/2009DefinitelyThe Origins of APL
11/27/2009Just serendipityThe Origins of APL
12/24/2009Barbara Liskov's OOPSLA Keynote VideoOn Understanding Data Abstraction, Revisited
11/11/2009Slides & VideoLiskov's list of papers
10/29/2009ECOOP 2009 Banquet speechECOOP 2009 Banquet speech
09/23/2009JVM language summit 2009JVM language summit 2009
09/23/2009It's on the videoJVM language summit 2009
09/01/2009SpecApple "adds closures to C" in Mac OS X 10.6
09/03/2009ABI SpecApple "adds closures to C" in Mac OS X 10.6
08/31/2009Computer Code as a Medium for Human CommunicationComputer Code as a Medium for Human Communication
09/14/2009Non-acm linkEastwest: a new programming language and structure editor
08/11/2009There's an interview withStepanov and McJones: Elements of Programming
08/11/2009Messaging nil is safe in Objective-CAvoid a Void: eradicating null-pointer dereferencing
08/11/2009Having an arithmetical valueAvoid a Void: eradicating null-pointer dereferencing
08/11/2009Helpful in most circumstancesAvoid a Void: eradicating null-pointer dereferencing
07/28/2009New JDK 7 Feature: Support for Dynamically Typed Languages in the JVMNew JDK 7 Feature: Support for Dynamically Typed Languages in the JVM
03/12/2010Is this the paper?The Myth of the Genius Programmer
05/11/2009No, not a joke.Why Did M.I.T. Switch from Scheme to Python?
04/05/2009Interview "Twitter on Scala"Twitter and Scala
04/06/2009Reliable, high performance codeTwitter and Scala
03/30/2009Subsumption at all costsSubsumption at all costs
01/14/2009History of PythonHistory of Python
10/28/2008A StartWeb application shootout?
10/28/2008Some comparisonsWeb application shootout?
08/28/2008PapersFrom Writing and Analysis to the Repository: Taking the Scholars' Perspective on Scholarly Archiving
05/29/2008Terminology: Internal vs ExternalDSLs: Embedded, standalone, or both?
10/26/2010It moves but at what cost/effort?Concurrent Composition and Algebras of Events, Actions, and Processes

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