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12/25/2011By ‘doing' you probablyCambridge Course on "Usability of Programming Languages"
10/15/2011any order is o.k.Dennis Ritchie passed away
10/14/2011C has been in active use forDennis Ritchie passed away
10/15/2011C's forDennis Ritchie passed away
10/15/2011is it really?Dennis Ritchie passed away
10/16/2011***Dennis Ritchie passed away
09/14/2011Things mentioned barely or not at allWhat needs to be done?
09/14/2011 Some doWhat needs to be done?
09/14/2011 What needs to be done?
09/16/2011why not?What needs to be done?
09/17/2011I think you are heavilyWhat needs to be done?
09/18/2011Before characterizingWhat needs to be done?
09/19/2011on numbersWhat needs to be done?
09/20/2011no need for numbersSure,What needs to be done?
09/20/2011...What needs to be done?
09/21/2011Since you keep saying myWhat needs to be done?
09/20/2011Ancient Greeks called suchWhat needs to be done?
09/14/2011 What needs to be done?
09/14/2011Both Lisp(s) and HaskellWhat needs to be done?
09/15/2011Semantics first, but notWhat needs to be done?
01/24/2011another packI've run out of programming languages to study
12/31/2010A nought exampleInteresting Standard Libraries to Study
09/12/2010K is very different from JJ's concepts rank, composition, and GC
09/12/2010no such thing as ‘implicit reduction'J's concepts rank, composition, and GC
09/14/2010reduction should reduceJ's concepts rank, composition, and GC
09/15/2010adhering to the agreed meanings is much betterJ's concepts rank, composition, and GC
09/16/2010 J's concepts rank, composition, and GC
08/04/2010REXXLooking for a language like...
07/26/2010The only concept thatHistory: CPL, the great-grandfather of C
07/26/2010more on C's ancestryHistory: CPL, the great-grandfather of C
07/10/2010Some old links tooSeeking nearly anything re: so called language "bootstrapping" process
07/23/2009already doneResolved Debates in Syntax Design ?
07/22/2009If only we knew what that meansSimplicity
03/20/2009J. Schwartz diedJ. Schwartz died
09/14/2008Unconditional snippetsIrresistible programs
09/14/2008IconIrresistible programs
09/15/2008Indeed, Icon is of the veryIrresistible programs
08/22/2008JLooking for an auto-lifting language.
08/21/2008Two notesLanguages without operator precedence
03/24/2007non-deterministic choice?No Ifs, Ands, or Buts
03/27/2007there is more to Dijkstra's constructsNo Ifs, Ands, or Buts
02/07/2007plugProgramming Shorthands
01/30/2007another bookLooking for extra-basic reference on PL theory
01/25/2007''The Paradigms of Programming'' online''The Paradigms of Programming'' online
01/21/2007how come the report got three times larger?Scheme: Second R6RS draft published
01/22/2007Thanks! A very informativeScheme: Second R6RS draft published
01/03/2007too many issues involved here but as of ranges ...Why numbering should start at 0
01/04/2007it is not only because of pointersWhy numbering should start at 0
11/20/2006Visual Basic at MITDe-Scheming MIT?
10/18/2006Ralph Griswold diedRalph Griswold died
10/18/2006Pretty much all of theRalph Griswold died
07/04/2006online literature on CPL?online literature on CPL?
07/05/2006Thanks, but that does notonline literature on CPL?
07/06/2006Yes, I mean the Commononline literature on CPL?
12/09/2005at least there is an interpreter to play withActual programs written in FP or FL?
12/10/2005nothing to be surprised ofActual programs written in FP or FL?

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