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07/02/2006Pluvo : new hybrid scripting languagePluvo : new hybrid scripting language
04/01/2006Also...Class hierarchies and Ontologies
12/29/2005Cool software now!Mind Mappers
02/24/2005SPARQL Query Language for RDFSPARQL Query Language for RDF
02/07/2005Workshop on Scripting for the Semantic WebWorkshop on Scripting for the Semantic Web
12/04/2004Scheme on the CLRScheme on the CLR
12/03/2004N-ary RelationsRDF Elevator Pitch
11/29/2004But...The IDE Divide
10/16/2004F#, a functional language for .NetF#, a functional language for .Net
09/08/2004Description Logics in Literate HaskellDescription Logics in Literate Haskell
09/10/2004Description Logics vs. FOPLDescription Logics in Literate Haskell
09/08/2004SAT 3 Proof with E Prover via OWLSAT 3 Proof with E Prover via OWL
08/11/2004"Your" RDF Query Language"Your" RDF Query Language
07/02/2004XsRQL (and other RQLs)XsRQL (and other RQLs)
04/16/2004Fractal Music (and a Personal Introduction)Fractal Music (and a Personal Introduction)
04/12/2004Re: The Sound of MathematicsThe Sound of Mathematics
04/01/2004Semantic Web scripting languagesSemantic Web scripting languages

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