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08/27/2009EDOSReview NP-complete Library Versioning Problem
01/22/2009Ott: Tool Support for SemanticsSpecifying semantics and type rules
08/11/2008Strict evaluation as an effectProgramming Language Beauty: Look Closure
08/11/2008I must be missing something,Programming Language Beauty: Look Closure
03/10/2008Modular Information Hiding and Type Safe Linking for CC - header files
02/28/2008defered bottom up error propagationexceptions again
02/15/2008PL Related BlogsPL Related Blogs
02/15/2008A few morePL Related Blogs
01/18/2008coq-svnPrediction for 2008
03/20/2007Type Analysis and Data Structure SelectionAbstract Data Type Usage Analysis
01/17/2007Logic-Flow Analysis of Higher-Order ProgramsAnnotated POPL 2007 Program
01/18/2007Geometry of Synthesis: A structural approach to VLSI designAnnotated POPL 2007 Program
12/13/2006Exception-Handling Bugs in Java and a Language Extension to AvoiExceptions
10/21/2006Better language for reference implementation than specificationSpecifying ECMAScript via ML
07/10/2006Relatively practicalAbstracting Allocation: The New new Thing
06/29/2006??Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
06/28/2006CModPetition for adding garbage collection to C++.
06/09/2006My 2 centsLtU: blog not forum!
06/09/2006Re: split LtU in high and low partLtU: blog not forum!
06/05/2006CoverityType checking and logical errors
06/06/2006InterpreterBuried Treasure - No Fluff Just Stuff
06/06/2006Going to ChurchBuried Treasure - No Fluff Just Stuff
05/23/2006no problem with editingEditing posts
05/24/2006Modal languagesruby vs python
06/09/2006Modular Type ClassesMultidimensional Virtual Classes
05/06/2006With coroutines, you don'tWhat do you believe about Programming Languages (that you can't prove (yet))?
03/01/2006How does "optional" work anyway?Gilad Is Right
02/18/2006I can quit any time Dr. MeijerGilad Is Right
02/09/2006Jurys still outHow are GADTs useful in practical programming?
03/14/2006Typed Contracts for Functional ProgrammingHow are GADTs useful in practical programming?
01/31/2006As well asRobert Harper Named as ACM Fellow
01/25/2006The Golden Middle WayBeyond LINQ: A Manifesto For Distributed Data-Intensive Programming
01/23/2006CoincidenceHaskell is not not ML
11/18/2005bad linkFelleisen: How to Design Class Hierarchies
10/27/2005Sets, Bags, and MobilesWhy Lists?
10/25/2005Phantom typesLinear types for aliased resources
08/16/2006Equal Rights for Functional ObjectsObject Oriented Programming + Referential Transparency
10/04/2005Stupid question"The Anatomy of a Loop"
09/28/2005MHOLtU: Style and Focus
09/23/2005Pathfinder/MonetDBXQuery Implementation in a Relational Database System
09/22/2005PythonGood languages with simple grammar
09/12/2005More Fun, Less FunctionalHaskell and creative freedom
09/08/2005... I can't imagine ( at thisApple: procedural -> OO -> AOP -> advanced procedural
09/03/2005Phantom typesYearning for a practical scheme
09/05/2005Type classesYearning for a practical scheme
08/24/2005Filtering ThreadsFiltering Threads
07/14/2005modularity of AIStatic Typing Where Possible, Dynamic Typing When Needed
05/27/2005audio/video onlineConference in Vancouver
05/05/2005Re: Mandator vs. Pluggable Type SystemsCall for Papers: ACM Symposium on Dynamic Languages
04/29/2005hmm..Memory fault and segmentation faults
04/27/2005ParallelismThe Fortress Language Spec v0.618
04/13/2005Proof-Carrying ExecutionLinks
04/13/2005LtU and Submarine SoundnessLinks
04/08/2005Links SlidesLinks Slides
04/11/2005Some notesLinks Slides
04/01/2005The name "lambda"Fold Must Fold!
03/15/2005Incremental improvement over existing productsXactium -- "lightweight language engineering" ??!?
02/24/2005SourcesJournals and papers?
03/20/2005Logical Methods in Computer ScienceJournals and papers?
07/16/2004Unread messagesThe site discussions forum
05/20/2004Re: The SkyNet Virus: Why it is Unstoppable; How to Stop itThe SkyNet Virus: Why it is Unstoppable; How to Stop it
01/19/2004Re: Concept programmingConcept programming
12/01/2003Re: Events and ContinuationsEvents and Continuations
10/25/2003Re: State and modularityState and modularity
09/04/2003Re: Why don't more people use Prolog?Why don't more people use Prolog?
07/07/2003Re: JOVIAL ReferencesJOVIAL References
11/12/2002Haskell Communities and Activities ReportHaskell Communities and Activities Report
10/06/2002Re: USENIX - Security '02 - Technical SessionsUSENIX - Security '02 - Technical Sessions
09/17/2002Re: Parsec, a fast combinator parserParsec, a fast combinator parser
07/26/2002Re: Richard Hamming: You and Your ResearchRichard Hamming: You and Your Research
02/23/2002Re: Applications of ContinuationsApplications of Continuations

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