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03/21/2012eff : shift/reset = while/if-then-else : gotoProgramming with Algebraic Effects and Handlers
03/21/2012The only way to trigger anProgramming with Algebraic Effects and Handlers
09/29/2010What?Eff - Language of the Future
09/30/2010It's not quite right to sayEff - Language of the Future
02/17/2010It's a way of thinkingA Lambda Calculus for Real Analysis
08/05/2009ExcellentVerified Programming in Guru
08/03/2009Coolness factorA Functional I/O System (or Fun for Freshman Kids)
04/23/2009Re-quibble: and I said soAndrej Bauer on PLD
06/16/2008PL ZooProcessing.js
05/24/2007No effective topos hereSynthetic Computability
03/06/2007Please use a newer link to the paperPropositions as [Types]

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