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12/09/2005Types and reflectionTypes and reflection
12/10/2005It's not advanced stuffTypes and reflection
12/10/2005Because of typesTypes and reflection
12/14/2005Thinking backwards is hardTypes and reflection
12/12/2005Macros?Types and reflection
12/12/2005And as always...Types and reflection
10/15/2005Abstraction reversedFormal methods for O/R mapping
09/23/2005Iteration and RecursionWhat is Intuitive?
09/23/2005Flip it, and I agreeRuby: Language of the Programming √úbermensch?
09/13/2005Simulations and transformationsHaskell and creative freedom
08/16/2005Forum usabilityForum usability
08/16/2005Re: Open to suggestionForum usability
08/19/2005A suggestionForum usability
08/05/2005Regarding relational databasesObjective scientific proof of OOP's validity? Don't need no stinkun' proof.

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