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06/16/2005Math for CSBasic(er) Simple(r) Type Theory(?)
06/16/2005Meanings of type theoryBasic(er) Simple(r) Type Theory(?)
05/28/2005mutually recursive datatypesDifferentiating Data Structures
05/28/2005featuresWhy Dependent Types Matter
05/28/2005revolution or evolutionWhy Dependent Types Matter
05/28/2005backgound knowledgeWhy Dependent Types Matter
05/29/2005Epigram editor interfaceWhy Dependent Types Matter
05/30/2005Epigram, partiality and the real worldWhy Dependent Types Matter
05/30/2005Eclipse?Why Dependent Types Matter
05/31/2005wxHaskellWhy Dependent Types Matter
08/29/2004lists as functionsMultidimensional arrays
08/29/2004Turing completenessThe Origins of the Turing Thesis Myth

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