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01/15/2011Call by Reference doesn't mean a C#, C++, or Java ReferenceEvaluation strategies: authoritative reference?
01/16/2011I will admit myEvaluation strategies: authoritative reference?
09/30/2009In C#/WPF, there is aJVM language summit 2009
09/30/2009Microsoft Recomendations on the TopicJVM language summit 2009
08/22/2007What language are you using?Thread-safe Singleton in C#
01/02/2007Dijkstra proposes asking theWhy numbering should start at 0
11/06/2006That's like saying math willFuture of software design?
05/18/2006While I like the idea ofThe World's Most Maintainable Programming Language
05/17/2006You forgot to include VB.NetPaul Vick: BASIC principles
05/17/2006What are the real compatibility issues?Paul Vick: BASIC principles
05/17/2006P.S.Paul Vick: BASIC principles
05/18/2006Ok, I'll bite. Translate this code to VB6.Paul Vick: BASIC principles
05/18/2006The background you gave wasPaul Vick: BASIC principles
05/18/2006Thank youPaul Vick: BASIC principles
05/18/2006I am glad they waited until Java matured.Paul Vick: BASIC principles
02/02/2006The slides were interesting,The Next Mainstream Programming Languages
02/02/2006Garbage collection could be controlled by game state.The Next Mainstream Programming Languages
02/01/2006What is a monad, why should I use it, and when is it appropriate?What is a monad, why should I use it, and when is it appropriate?
02/01/2006Thanks, that is the bestWhat is a monad, why should I use it, and when is it appropriate?
02/01/2006What are quotation andIs the .NET platform embracing quotation and macros?
02/01/2006Even when one vendor writesPackaging Data And Methods
01/31/2006On the issue of trollingWeak vs. strong typing
01/25/2006SingularityPromising OS's from a Programming Language Perspective
01/27/2006And then the next version is released...Promising OS's from a Programming Language Perspective
01/25/2006IDEs are very importantChoice of OS of LtU readers
01/30/2006Not necessarily low, but definitely lowerChoice of OS of LtU readers
01/30/2006That's odd, since languageChoice of OS of LtU readers
01/25/2006WIndowsChoice of OS of LtU readers
01/26/2006I am seriousChoice of OS of LtU readers
01/27/2006Operating systems like UNIXChoice of OS of LtU readers
01/12/2006What is considered source code?What is considered source code?
01/16/2006Source CodeWhat is considered source code?
01/12/2006XML is useful, but it is not a language.Tim Bray: Don't Invent XML Languages
01/12/2006Then what is a data format?Tim Bray: Don't Invent XML Languages
01/12/2006Module in what langauge?Singleton classes really that bad?
01/16/2006Passing a singleton?Singleton classes really that bad?
01/11/2006User data isn't globalSingleton classes really that bad?
01/12/2006Abstracted LayersSingleton classes really that bad?
01/11/2006How would you write this without using a global?Singleton classes really that bad?
01/12/2006Not possible, unless I want to write my own web serverSingleton classes really that bad?
01/12/2006Implementation is important.Singleton classes really that bad?
01/11/2006Have you ever worked with electronics?Return of the Global Variables?

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