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07/17/2011Advancing the notion of language.The Last Language?
07/17/2011Arboreal is a syntactic feature onlyThe Last Language?
07/17/2011Black SwansThe Last Language?
03/28/2011Synchronic Computation IISynchronic Computation II
03/28/2011Synchronic A-ram machine cyclesSynchronic Computation II
03/30/2011Locality and Asynchronism.Synchronic Computation II
03/31/2011Synchronism and Wave Based CommunicationSynchronic Computation II
04/18/2011Linking proofs with programs.Synchronic Computation II
08/11/2010Synchronic ComputaionSynchronic Computaion
08/11/2010Graphs, parallelism, and physics.Synchronic Computaion

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