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11/11/2010PLT Redexterm-typing/operational semantics simulator?
11/09/2010This sounds interesting, butLambda the Ultimate seems an Overstatement (not)
11/08/2008β, η, ξ ⊢ α?β, η, ξ ⊢ α?
11/09/2008Cutting cornersβ, η, ξ ⊢ α?
11/09/2008Not quiteβ, η, ξ ⊢ α?
04/17/2007Very niceCourse on Interactive Computer Theorem Proving Based on Coq
04/20/2007Turnstile as a formal symbol considered harmfulThoughts about the Best Introductory Language
04/20/2007Exactly that sort ofThoughts about the Best Introductory Language
03/12/2007Recursion in natural languagesPiraha Exceptionality: a Reassessment
03/15/2007Not quitePiraha Exceptionality: a Reassessment

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