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10/28/2009Thanks for pointing out theCausal Commutative Arrows and Their Optimization
10/28/2009By change propagation, doCausal Commutative Arrows and Their Optimization
09/16/2008multicoreTwilight of the GPU
07/30/2008your example if expanded outBeyond FRP: physics-inspired programming abstractions?
07/31/2008It's to solve the followingBeyond FRP: physics-inspired programming abstractions?
07/29/2008Numerical errors aside, theBeyond FRP: physics-inspired programming abstractions?
07/30/2008Ha, nice that you mentionedBeyond FRP: physics-inspired programming abstractions?
07/31/2008A queue for future events isBeyond FRP: physics-inspired programming abstractions?
05/05/2008interesting observationArrows generalise monads and idioms
07/12/2007relation to optimal evaluation?Lambda Animator
07/12/2007LambdascopeLambda Animator
07/13/2007lazy v.s. completely lazy v.s. optimalLambda Animator
03/08/2007different thingLightweight static resources
02/13/2007limitedLightweight Fusion by Fixed Point Promotion
02/13/2007loops and fixed pointReactive Programming
02/16/2007arr would raise f :: a -> bReactive Programming
02/16/2007isomorphism exists betweenReactive Programming
02/06/2007router - the single point of failure and scalability problemSteps Toward The Reinvention of Programming
01/06/2007let, or symbolic lambdaCan referential transparency be bad? (puzzle included)
04/04/2006any functional language without GC?any functional language without GC?
05/24/2005code refactoringHaskell for C Programmers

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