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Last Updated 01/30/2012

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The purpose of this blog. Song 1: The chemist said it would be allright
  • The Chemist Said It Would Be Alright (Lauren Hoffman)
#2 Nostalgia- A Cosmonaut Orbits the Earth While the USSR Breaks Apart.
  • Nostalgia (Cracker2)
#3 Guarded by Monkeys
  • Guarded By Monkeys (Cracker7)
#4 Shameless- A NAFTA Romance/Accidental Arrangements.
  • Shameless (Cracker7)
  • Shameless (Cracker Demo 2001)
#5 My Path Belated by Camper Van Beethoven
  • My Path Belated (Camper Van Beethoven4)
#6 Nothing To Believe In- Joan Osborne and Cracker
  • Nothing To Believe In (Cracker4)
  • Hammerhead (Joan Osborne at Sound of Music Studios)
  • Nothing To Believe In (Cracker Demo 1995)
#7 Darling We're Out Of Time/ RIP Andyman CD101 Columbus
  • Darling We're Out Of Time (Cracker10)
  • Darling We're Out Of Time (Cracker Demo Version)
#8 She Divines Water- The Earth Is Not Round
  • She Divines Water (Camper Van Beethoven4)
#9 Unter Dem Rhein- FSK Part 1: Why are the Americans Yodeling?
  • Unter Dem Rhein (FSK mit David Lowery)
  • Red Sonja (FSK with David Lowery)
  • Flagge Verbrennen (Regierung Ertranken) (FSK with Mark Linkous)
  • Dr. Bernice (David Lowery and Johnny Hickman with FSK)
#10 Shiner Song - FSK Pt 2: The Germans Visit Texas. The Lodger Mr Hilter.
  • Shiner Song (Cracker)
  • Eurotrash Girl (FSK)
  • Eurotrash Girl (Chicks on Speed)
  • I want out of the Circus (David Lowery with FSK)
  • Shiner Song (FSK)
#11 Abundance- Camper Van Beethoven
  • Abundance (Camper Van Beethoven2)
#12 Merry Christmas Emily- Cracker
  • Merry Christmas Emily (Cracker7)
#13 Darling One - Cracker/Adam Duritz/Susanna Hoffs/Mark Linkous: A Sunny Song/A Shady Backstory
  • Darling One (Cracker11)
  • Darling One (Mark Linkous with Susanna Hoffs: Dennis Herring Recording)
  • Darling One (Susanna Hoffs: Album version with JJP or MW)
#14 Skinhead Stomp and other CVB Ska Songs. Why We Weren't Killed by Skinheads in Chico 1985. Henry Rollins Issues Fatwa Against CVB
  • Skinhead Stomp (Camper Van Beethoven1)
  • Vladivostock (Camper Van Beethoven1)
  • Mao Reminisces About His Days In Southern China (Camper Van Beethoven1)
  • Balalaika Gap (Camper Van Beethoven1)
  • R 'n R Uzbekistan (Camper Van Beethoven8)
  • Time Machine (Cracker11)
#15 Joe Stalins Cadillac- Camper Van Beethoven. The Cadillac as the Ship of State. Plato sucks!
  • Joe Stalin's Cadillac (Camper Van Beethoven3)
#16 Ambiguity Song- Camper Van Beethoven. A Happy Song for Living Under the Threat of Nuclear HeckTM
  • Ambiguity Song (Camper Van Beethoven1)
#17 Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey-Cracker. What do Dr House, Annie Lennox and The Outlaw Josie Wales Have to do with this?
  • Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey (Cracker1)
  • Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey (Cracker Nov 14th 2006 in Koln)
#18 Tusk-Camper Van Beethoven. Part1: When Jackalopes Attack.
  • Broadcasting Live from the MCI-Worldcom-AT&T-Diamler-Chrysler-Mitsubishi-Phillips-BASF-LG-Phillip-Morris-BP-Texaco-Pfizer-AOL-Time-Warner-Beoing-Microsoft-Aeroflot-United-Yoyodyne-Coliseum, Strom Thurmond City, Mars (Camper Van Beethoven6)
  • Tusk (Camper Van Beethoven7)
#19 Tusk- Camper Van Beethoven PT 2: Fleetwood Mac's flameout as a proxy for Camper Van Beethoven's dissolution..
  • CVB live at Club Vera Gronigen NL performs Oh Well by Fleetwood Mac 3-8-1990
#20 Tusk-Camper Van Beethoven pt. 3. Separated at Birth: Jonathan Segel and Lindsey Buckingham
  • Walk A Thin Line (Camper Van Beethoven7)
#21 Hey Brett You Know What Time It Is-Cracker: The Ballad of Brett Netson. The Center Cannot Hold. Also The Wobblies vs Wombles.
  • Hey Brett (You Know What Time It Is) (Cracker11)
#22 I Ride My Bike-Cracker. The Inland Empire: A Love Story.
  • Take Me (Back) To You (Cracker2)
Jonathan Segel is funny. Interview for Lake Tahoe Cracker/CVB Show Aug 25th.  
Mystic Hot Springs Monroe UT vs Swing Auditorium San Bernardino California.  
#23 Ms Santa Cruz County-Cracker: Who were the Blue Ladies? Ode to Santa Cruz.
  • Miss Santa Cruz County (Cracker7)
  • Ms Santa Cruz County (Cracker/Leftover Salmon7)
  • 1983 Camper Van Beethoven rehearsal:
    • Balalaika gap
    • Lassie
    • Vegetables
    • White Riot
    • 'Fore I met you
    • I was so wasted
    • take the skinhead bowling
    • i don't see you at all (originally a sitting duck song)
    • border ska (David Lowery / Chris Molla 1982)
    • Skinhead Stomp. (Estonian Gauchos?)
    • I can't take it anymore
#24 Low- Cracker: Musings On Why Hits Are Written Fast. Big Dipper Was Slow. KOL and our Special Ops Pigeons.
  • Low (Cracker2)
  • Big Dipper (Cracker4)
#25 New Roman Times-Camper Van Beethoven. Part 1 The Republic of California vs The Republic of Texas.
  • New Roman Times (Camper Van Beethoven8)
#26 New Roman Times Album- Camper Van Beethoven Pt 2.
  • Los Tigres Traficantes (Camper Van Beethoven8)
  • I Am Talking To This Flower (Camper Van Beethoven8)
#27 New Roman Times. Part 3. Start smoking weed now cause by the time you get to the end of this one you need to be really high to understand it.
  • Prelude (Camper Van Beethoven8)
  • Sons Of The New Golden West (Camper Van Beethoven8)
  • 51-7 (Camper Van Beethoven8)
  • White Fluffy Clouds (Camper Van Beethoven8)
  • That Gum You Like Is Back In Style (Camper Van Beethoven8)
#28 New Roman Times part 4: Unabomber as Folk Hero. Steve Reich as Pop Star
  • Might Makes Right (Camper Van Beethoven8)
  • Militia Song (Camper Van Beethoven8)
  • New Roman Times (Camper Van Beethoven8)
  • The Poppies Of Balmorhea (Camper Van Beethoven8)
  • The Long Plastic Hallway (Camper Van Beethoven8)
  • I Am Talking To This Flower (Camper Van Beethoven8)
  • Come Out (Camper Van Beethoven8)
#29 New Roman Times part 5: I Hate this Part of Texas.
  • I Hate This Part Of Texas (Camper Van Beethoven8)
#30 New Roman Times Album part 6: We Would Fight For Hippy Chix.
  • Oath of the CVB (Hippy Chix) (Camper Van Beethoven8)
  • Civil Disobedience (Camper Van Beethoven8)
  • Discotheque CVB (Camper Van Beethoven8)
  • Hey Brother (Camper Van Beethoven8)
#31 Brides of Neptune-Cracker. Did the ferry sink? Is this the underworld? Or is it just another gig in Victoria BC.
  • Brides of Neptune (Cracker7)
#32 Poor Mexico so far from God; So Close to Camper Van Beethoven
  • Border Ska (Camper Van Beethoven1)
  • Yanqui Go Home (Camper Van Beethoven1)
  • Tina (Camper Van Beethoven1)
  • Heart (Camper Van Beethoven1)
  • L'Aguardiente (Camper Van Beethoven6)
  • Borderline (Camper Van Beethoven5)
  • It Ain't Gonna Suck Itself (Cracker9)
  • Sinaloa Cowboys (Cracker9)
#33 &1/3: It Ain't Gonna Suck Itself-Cracker.
  • It Ain't Gonna Suck Itself (Cracker9)
#34 Portland Oregon: Hairspray Meets Satyricon. The Musical.
  • No More Bullshit (Camper Van Beethoven2)
#35 Don't Frak Me Up With Peace And Love-Cracker. Eugene Oregon. Playing with the Grateful Dead.
  • Don't Fuck Me Up (With Peace And Love) (Cracker1)
  • Loser (Cracker2)
  • We Saw Jerry's Daughter (Camper Van Beethoven3)
#36 Where have those days gone- Arcata, Eureka and the Lost Coast of California.
  • Where Have Those Days Gone (Cracker10)
#37 I Need Better Friends-Cracker
  • I Need Better Friends (Cracker10)
#38 Circles-Camper Van Beethoven. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • ZZ Top Goes to Egypt (Camper Van Beethoven2)
  • Circles (Camper Van Beethoven2)
  • Interstellar Overdrive (Camper Van Beethoven3)
  • Cowboys From Hollywood (Camper Van Beethoven2)
#39 Around the World. Racing the Cargo Vans On The Bonneville Salt Flats.
  • Been Around The World (Cracker5)
#40-Sad Lover's Waltz-Camper Van Beethoven. A Viking Funeral Pyre.
  • Sad Lover's Waltz (Camper Van Beethoven2)
#41 Sidi Ifni -Cracker. Paul Bowles, Moroccan Space Rock and Old English Queens.
  • Sidi Ifni (Cracker10)
  • Dr. Bernice (Cracker1)
  • The Good Life (Cracker5)
#42 Satisfy You- Cracker the Early Years From A Contractual Viewpoint. Ashtray Studios.
  • Satisfy You (Cracker1)
  • Sunday Train (Cracker3)
#43 Teen Angst-Why The Third Verse Always Tells The Truth. Dive Bars on Hollywood Blvd. Pissing on Bob Hopes Star
  • Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now) (Cracker1)
#44. Club Med Sucks-Rebellion vs Selling Out. Always have a ground floor meeting with Suge Knight.
  • Opi Rides Again (Camper Van Beethoven1)
  • Club Med Sucks (Camper Van Beethoven1)
#45 Movie Star and Get Off This-Cracker. More on Selling out. The Marc Jacobs Edition M1 Tank.
  • Movie Star (Cracker2)
  • Get Off This (Cracker2)
#46 The Van Part 1: When I Win The Lottery I'm Gonna Buy a New Van.
  • Shut Us Down (Camper Van Beethoven3)
  • When I Win The Lottery (Camper Van Beethoven5)
  • Eye Of Fatima (Pt. 1) (Camper Van Beethoven4)
  • Eye Of Fatima (Pt. 2) (Camper Van Beethoven4)
#47 The Van Pt 2: Jump Into the Caddy Cause Touring Ain't a Drag
  • Sweet Potato (Cracker2)
Frank Funaros favorite drum performances of all time  
#48 Friends - 3 Guys Walk Into A Bar In Canoga Park. Why being backstage at a low grade music festival is like being in Iraq.
  • Friends (Cracker11)
#49-Where the Hell is Bill. More Smart Ass Comments. Deer skulls.
  • Where The Hell Is Bill (Camper Van Beethoven1)
#50- Gallows Humor. The Antechamber of Hope. Bugs.
  • Everyone Needs Some Love (Bugs)
  • I'm Still Dreaming Of You (Bugs)
#51 Something You Aint Got. American Minor. Caitlin Cary.
  • Something You Ain't Got (Cracker10)
#52 Yalla Yalla Yall. Gallows Humor Addendum. Cracker Live in Iraq.
  • Yalla Yalla (Let's Go) (Cracker11)
My Interview/Recording of The Hold Steady for WNRN Charlottesville
  • The Sweet Part Of The City (The Hold Steady!)
  • Barely Breathing (The Hold Steady!)
#53 Tribute Albums. Blue Rosebuds The Residents. Rainy Days And Mondays. Victoria.
  • Victoria (Cracker16)
  • Rainy Days And Mondays (Cracker6)
  • Blue Rosebuds (Cracker13)
#54 Midnight Rider - Cracker. Unreleased Track.
  • Midnight Rider (Cracker)
#55 James River- Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven. Richmond Virginia.
  • James River (Camper Van Beethoven Live)
  • James River (Cracker Demo)
  • James River (Cracker5)
#56 Kerosene Hat-Cracker. Richmond and Oregon Hill Continued.
  • Kerosene Hat (Cracker2)
#57 Can I Take My Gun Up To Heaven. Hollywood Cemetery. Richmond And Oregon Hill Part 3
  • Can I Take My Gun To Heaven (Cracker1)
  • Hollywood Cemetery (Cracker6)
Cracker in Batesville Arkansas Tonight. Also Unreleased Track
  • She Thinks I Still Care (Cracker - Countrysides Outtake)
Camper Van Beethoven Racine WI Oct 16th. Good Guys and Bad Guys Video  
#58 big dirty yellow outtakes. Richmond Oregon Hill addendum.
  • China (Cracker3)
  • Father Winter (Cracker3)
  • Steve's Hornpipe (Cracker6)
  • Hans' Lament (Cracker3)
#59 Stairway to Heavan (sic)- In Praise of Half Baked Ideas and Unfinished things. The importance of not being earnest.
  • Turtlehead (Camper Van Beethoven2)
  • Circles (Camper Van Beethoven2)
  • We're All Wasted and We're Wasting All Your Time (Camper Van Beethoven6)
  • Dustpan (Camper Van Beethoven2)
  • Cattle (reversed) (Camper Van Beethoven2)
  • Zztop Goes to Egypt (Camper Van Beethoven2)
  • Five Sticks (Camper Van Beethoven3)
  • Surprise Truck (Camper Van Beethoven3)
  • Stairway To Heaven (sic) (Camper Van Beethoven3)
  • Pope Festival (Camper Van Beethoven3)
  • The Fool (Camper Van Beethoven4)
  • Interlude (Camper Van Beethoven5)
  • Tom Flower's 1500 Valves (Camper Van Beethoven6)
#60 I'm So Glad She Ain't Never Coming Back- How an unfinished jam became a song. Other unfinished unreleased outtakes.
  • immy mig jh groove (Cracker Outtake)
  • I'm So Glad She Ain't Never Coming Back (Cracker10)
  • don't hear a hit boys (drum machine) (Cracker Outtake)
  • Infidel sorcerers of the air (Cracker Outtake)
  • classy dames and able gents (Cracker Outtake)
  • peppermint mind (Cracker Outtake)
What you're missing-Original demo. Original words.
  • What You're Missing (Cracker - original demo)
#61 My Life is Totally Boring Without You, The Good Life- Cracker, Don Smith and The Heartbreakers.
  • My Life Is Totally Boring Without You (Cracker5)
  • The Good Life (Cracker5)
Full interview and performance with the Holdsteady.
  • The Sweet Part Of The City (The Hold Steady!)
  • The Weekenders (The Hold Steady!)
  • Chips Ahoy (The Hold Steady!)
  • Barely Breathing (The Hold Steady!)
  • We Can Get Together (The Hold Steady!)
#62 I Could Be Wrong I Could Be Right-Cracker. Just your usual southern rock track set on the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
  • I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right (Cracker11)
  • blue berlin riff (Cracker)
#63 Everybody Get's One Free- F*ck Montreal. CVB Get's Ripped Off.
  • Everybody Gets One For Free (Cracker10)
#64 The World Is Mine- Cracker. Gillette been very very good to Cracker. Suerte Loca.
  • The World is Mine (Cracker Live From Cleveland)
  • Shake Some Action (Cracker6)
  • Opening Theme (Camper Van Beethoven5
Don Smith Photo Addendum  
300 Songs on Vacation until New Year.  
#65 This is Crackersoul- Reflections on race and music. Also were the Flinstones Black?
  • This Is Cracker Soul (Cracker1)
#66 -Raise 'Em Up On Honey. Notes on the etymology of the word cracker
  • Raise 'Em Up On Honey (David Lowery1)
  • Eyes Of Mary (Cracker6)
#67-Turquoise Jewelry- Grace Slick Where Art Thou?
  • Turquoise Jewelry (Camper Van Beethoven4)
#68 The Long Plastic Hallway-Playing on a Flying Saucer with The Talking Heads.
  • The Long Plastic Hallway (Camper Van Beethoven8)
  • Ice Cream Everyday (Camper Van Beethoven10)
  • Flowers (Camper Van Beethoven5)
#69 Deep Oblivion- A Victorian Love Song.
  • Deep Oblivion (David Lowery3)
#70 I Sold the Arabs the Moon- When we fly we all become philosophers.
  • I Sold The Arabs The Moon (David Lowery6)
  • The Riverside (Cracker10)
#71 The Palace Guards- A Superhero In Need of a Restraining Order.
  • The Palace Guards (David Lowery2)
#72- Marigold- A small fragment of a much longer story.
  • Marigold (David Lowery7)
#73 South California Revisited - St. Cajetan.
  • St. Cajetan (Cracker1)
#74 Hits are Black Swans-Take the Skinheads Bowling
  • Take The Skinheads Bowling (Camper Van Beethoven1)
#75 KQED's The California Report on Big Dipper
  • Big Dipper (Cracker4)
#76 Camper Van Beethoven and the Border Patrol-The Day Lassie Went to The Moon.
  • The Day That Lassie Went To The Moon (Camper Van Beethoven1)
#77 Exile in Beach Flats-Lulu Land, Wasted and Surf City 1985
  • Lulu Land (Camper Van Beethoven3)
  • Wasted (Camper Van Beethoven1)
  • Surf City (Camper Van Beethovenn/a)
#78 No more bullshit. The top 10 lamest excuses for stealing artists music
  • No More Bullshit (Camper Van Beethoven2)
#79 The Ultimate Solution- The Polyglot Polyculture City-State that is Los Angeles
  • The Ultimate Solution (Camper Van Beethoven15)
#80 It Was Like That When We Got Here & I Live In LA – Northeast Los Angeles Party at the End of the World.
  • It Was Like That When We Got Here (Camper Van Beethoven15)
  • I Live In LA (Camper Van Beethoven15)
#81 Classy Dames and Able Gents - Southern California’s Military-Academic-Industrial-Electronic-Espionage-Complex
  • Classy Dames and Able Gents (Camper Van Beethoven15)
#82 Camp Pendelton - Echos of New Roman Times.
  • Camp Pendelton (Camper Van Beethoven15)
#83 Dockweiler Beach & Someday Our Love Will Sell Us Out-Surfing Under the Runway at LAX
  • Dockweiler Beach (Camper Van Beethoven15)
#84 Sugartown: San Pedro, SugarBeets and Portuguese Fishermen
  • Sugartown (Camper Van Beethoven15)

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