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Mobley Documents

1900 Gonzales County, Texas Census

Isham Mobley, head, born Apr. 1853, age 47, married 6 years
Priscilla, wife, born May 1959, age 41, married 6 years, 1 child, 1 living
Nannie, daughter, born May 1881, age 19, single
Casey, daughter, born Mar. 1884, age 16, single
Carrie, daughter, born Sept. 1886, age 14, single
Mary M., daughter, born Jan. 1898, age 2, single

1910 Coke County, Texas Census

Thomas I. Mobley, head, age 57, married 2
Priscilla, wife, age 50, married
Maranda, daughter, age 12, single
Nanney, daughter, age 28, single

Jesse L. Coppedge, head, age 21, married 1 year
Carrie [Mobley] Coppedge, wife, age 23, married 1 year, no children

1920 Coke County, Texas Census

Priscilla P. Mobley, head, age 60, widowed
Nannie E. Mobley, daughter, age 38, single
Maranda M. Mobley, daughter, age 22, single
John T. Sims, brother, age 49, widowed
Edward J. Sims, nephew, age 24, married
Gladys J. Sims, niece, age 16, married

NOTE: I have recently received an update of the above 1920 Coke County Census record from a descendant of John T. Sims.
*Edward J. Sims is actually Jesse Edward Sims.
*John T. Sims is Jesse's father.
*John Sims divorced his wife in 1918.
*John and Edward moved from Marcelena, Wilson County, Texas, after the death of Isom Mobley, to help John's sister, Pricilla, with farming.
*Gladys J. Sims is Jesse's wife.
*Gladys' maiden name was Hageman.
*Edward and Gladys had two children.
*Edward and Gladys divorced in 1933.
*Jesse Edward Sims remarried in Coke County, Texas, in 1933.

According to all of the above census records, Thomas Isham Mobley was born in South Carolina and Priscilla was born in Mississippi. All of the children were born in Texas. Maranda's mother was Priscilla, while all of the others were by Thomas' first wife who is listed as being born in South Carolina.

I have had some luck finding others who have information on the Mobleys. It appears that Thomas Issom Mobley was born 2 April 1853 and died 13 April 1913. He was the 4th child of Charles and Liza Ann (McClain) Mobley of Fairfield County, South Carolina. Thomas' first wife was Sarah Jane Mays, and his second wife was Percilla Sims, daughter of Jesse Simms. Percilla died 30 August 1939.

I obtained the following information from the death records at the Coke County, Texas Courthouse in Robert Lee, Texas.

Thomas Mobley
Date of Death: April 15, 1913
Cause of Death: Apoplexy
Burial: Fairview Cemetery - Bronte, Coke County, Texas

Priscilla Mobley
Date of Birth: May 30, 1859
Birthplace: Mississippi
Date of Death: July 30, 1939
Cause of Death: Endocarditis
Father: Isaac Sims, born in Mississippi
Mother: Malinda Wade, born in Mississippi
Burial: Fairview Cemetery - Bronte, Coke County, Texas

Nancy Jane (Nannie)Mobley
Date of Birth: May 20, 1881
Birthplace: Wilson County, Texas
Date of Death: March 4, 1962
Father: Thomas I. Mobley
Mother: Sarah Mays
Sister: Miranda Luttrell
Burial: March 5, 1962 at Fairview Cemetery - Bronte, Coke County, Texas

July 28, 2001
Again, I have additional information from other researchers to add to this page.

1860 Fairfield County, South Carolina Census
Winnsboro P.O. Township, dwelling 1189

Charley, age 38, born in South Carolina, estate valued at $900, could not read nor write
Eliza, age 35, born in Ireland
Robert B., age 17, born in South Carolina
Martha E., age 15, born in South Carolina
Hesther J., age 10, born in South Carolina
Thomas A., age 7, born in South Carolina
Nancy S., age 2, born in South Carolina
Jerimia B., 2 months, born in South Carolina

1870 Anderson County, South Carolina Census
Fork Township, page 10, dwelling 69, family 69.

Charley Mobley, age 47, farmer, born in South Carolina
Eliza A., age 44, born in South Carolina
Martha W., age 25, born in South Carolina
Hester E., age 22, born in South Carolina
Thomas H.J., age 18, born in South Carolina
Sarah, age 17, born in South Carolina
Jimima A., age 9, born in South Carolina
Charley J., age 7, born in South Carolina

1880 Wilson County, Texas Census
family 4

Charley Mobley, age 60, cannot read nor write, born in South Carolina
Eliza Ann, age 56, can read and write, born in Ireland
Sarah Sarill, age 25, born in South Carolina
Jamina A., age 20, born in South Carolina
Charley J., age 17, born in South Carolina

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