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Borchi's Borzois!

Blanca (Vun Veq's Bianca's Blanca) shown posed in show stance at approximatly three years of age!

7/27/93 -

Sire: Int, Mexican, Am. Ch. Shefaro's Reyna Alejandro, FNX
Dam: Int., Mexican, Am. Ch. Vun Veq's Bianca, VN

Whelped: July 27, 2993
Deceased: May 27, 2003

Years ago when I was searching for a dog to breed to my foundation bitch (Alborak's Andreya) Dreya, I came across Blanca's grand sire. He was International, Mexican, American Ch. Shefaro's Vaquero of Vun Veq, owned by Juan Vasquez of San Antonio, Texas, bred by and co-owned with Sherry Rodamor, also of San Antonio, Texas. I first saw him as a young dog before he finished his AKC title, and kept him in mind as a future stud dog to be used with Dreya when I was ready to breed her. Well as luck would have it she never took when they were bred so I never got my "Vaquero" puppy.
Years later after Juan had used Vaquero and bred a litter producing Blanca's dam (Int., Mexican, Am. Ch. Vun Veq's Bianca, VN) and one other male puppy that was shown but never finished, I decided if he bred Bianca I was definitely interested in a puppy. Well when he did the breeding of Bianca to another Shefaro male (Int, Mexican, Am. Ch. Shefaro's Reyna Alejandro, FNX) and produced a litter of three (a pet male and 2 bitches) I talked to Juan numerous times but wasn't quite ready to commit as I had two breedings planned around that time.
Well, of course as luck would have it they did not come through for me and one of the bitches died before being able to try another breeding. Again I had kept up the friendship with Juan and new he still had the two bitches from the litter as he hadn't been able to choose between them yet. After talking to him and seeing Blanca, even though her front was not her best quality I felt she was overall an excellent choice to use with my male, so at ten months of age she came to live with me.
She has an excellent strong rear, good top-line, good bite, full dentition and a personality that just won't quit! Although I have only shown her a few times and felt that her front was keeping her from winning, I decided to let her stay at home as a resident house hold greeter and couch potato! Since the purpose of getting her was to breed her to one of my males I was planning a breeding with Lexi, however his health had deteriorated and I decided to use his son "Merlin" (Int. Ch. Borchi's Balagan Mudreitz) instead.
After numerous tries she finally produced a litter of four with two male puppies surviving. They are Borchi's Chaikofsky and Borchi's Cherepynin, both residing here at Borchi and doing very well. They will be the future of Borchi as their sire "Merlin" passed away from cancer when they were only eight months old and never produced any other litters. They show great promise and have inherited the best traits of both parents as I hoped would happen! Meanwhile Blanca is still here teaching them all the bad habits they don't really need to know, (like digging, chewing, etc.) and yet they all continue to thrive!
In February of 2003 I noticed some lumps or swollen glands on Blanca. After taking her to the vets and having her checked for the problems it was decided and she was treated for a "Tick Born Disease" with antibiotics and steroids. The swelling went away for a few months and then in May they came back and she did not respond to further treatment and was put down the day after Memorial Day after a leangthy illness. It was determined by a necropsy that she had cancer and had enlarged nodes throughout her body and one the size of a tennis ball in her stomach. She is now at peace and waits across the Rainbow Bridge!

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