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About Me

Well maybe not all!
An Introduction to Terry Steele & Borchi Kennels!

*Hello, and welcome to my website for "Borchi Kennels!" For those of you that are surfing the net and do not know me, my name is Terry Steele. I was born and grew up in Cando, North Dakota and I am a "1970" graduate of my home town high school (Cando Public High School, Cando, ND). I attended and graduated from Minot College of Business, Minot, ND in "1972".

0 "My first baby picture!"
As a graduate of the "Class of 1970," Cando Public High School! 0

Visit one of the Cando High School Websites and see what's going on in Cando, North Dakota!

*I live in Clyde, Texas, which is about 20 miles east of Abilene. I moved to the Abilene, TX area from Fargo, North Dakota in the fall of 1981. I have been employed in the "Food Service Industry" since 1970, and have worked in kitchens (as cook, head chef, as well as department director) of small cafes-supper clubs, hotel & catering businesses, retirement centers, and hospital dietetics departments. I am currently employed at Abilene Regional Medical Center in Abilene, TX. I enjoy my work and have included a section of recipes for dog biscuits that I have been working on for my dogs within my website. (See Borchi's Biscuits for Borzoi, in the links section).

0 Receiving my Abilene RegionalMedical Center "Five Year" pin at our annual awards banquet in 2000 from my boss, Mrs. Celina Fennel!

*Borchi started out with a "Long Coat Chihuahua" , which was a gift to me from my sister and her husband who had bred a litter. Although we had many pets in the family as I was growing up inluding (Cocker Spaniel, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, a number of Chihuahua & Chihuahua mixes, Rabbits, Pigeons, and the numerous Canaries and Parakeets we all have), "Lady" was the first dog that I personaly owned as an adult and through her I was introduced to the world of dog shows and kennel clubs. While living in Fargo and attending the obedience classes with Lady, I was invited to join the Fargo-Moorhead Kennel Club, and also served on their Board of Directors prior to moving to Abilene, TX.

0 "My first AKC Champion and Multi Best of Breed winner, Ch. Borchi's Andrejenko, CD!"
Andy completed his "CD" (Companion Dog,) obedience title six months to the day of receiving his "CH" (Champion) breed title! 0

*Since moving to Abilene, I joined the local all-breed club (Abilene Kennel Club, Inc.), and have been an active member serving on committees, as a member of the Board of Directors, as both Vice President, and Corresponding Secretary, as newsletter editor since 1998, and webmaster for the clubs "Official" website and the newsletter site "The News Unleashed". After joining the club I decided to go to a larger breed of dog and chose the Borzoi and have been active with them in conformation, obedience and currently working in agility as well. With the addition of the Borzoi to my family of Chihuahua's and the idea of breeding both breeds came the idea for my kennel name, "BORCHI" , which incorporates a combination of both breed names to form my kennel name. The first litter registered under this name was a Chihuahua litter in 1984, and the first Borzoi litter was registered in 1988.

*I have been active within the Borzoi breed as an owner, exhibitor and breeder since 1983. I am a member of the Borzoi Club of America (BCOA), as well as a member of the Lone Star Borzoi Club (LSBC), here in Texas. We (LSBC) recently held a BCOA Trophy Supported Entry at the Abilene Kennel Clubs "2000" show for which I served as event chairman. I will be show chairman for the "January 2003 Abilene Kennel Club" all-breed show!

*I currently do not have any more Chihuahua's in residence, the last one being lost in 1999. The last Saluki was lost in April of 2003. I currently have 3 Borzoi (only 2 currently residing here at home, the third lives with her co-owner in Smithville, TX). To check out the "Past, Present or Future" dogs of Borchi, return to the "Borchi Home" page which has links to the rest of my website, and Thank You for visiting!

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