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It's Been Three Years, My Dearest Son, Mark

by Sara Duncan, Copyright 2000

It has been three years since August 31, 1997
The day you had to leave us for your place in Heaven.

Three years since I've felt that wonderful enveloping hug
Or since I've seen that humorous, questioning shrug.

Never could I ever have imagined that we would be in a place
To have only memories and pictures to replace the sight of that marvelous smile on your face.

To some, it should be better now, this agony of grief
But there is nothing really, that brings real relief.

We go on, put on a smile and make the best of each day
But never is there a moment we're not missing you or sending thoughts your way.

Do you watch over us from your Heavenly height?
Are you really with us when we cry in the night?

As I truly believe, are you guiding my heart and hand
As I compile angel images for others of their child in God's promised land?

I so badly need to hear your voice from above
One that will tell me you're okay and surrounded by love.

Oh, my precious one, I will always love and miss you so
Until it is also at last, my time to go.

Love, Mom

You're listening to the midi, "Nostalgie"

(9/1/00)..As a footnote, I would like to tell a brief little story that gave my heart a lift.
While at the cemetery yesterday for our small ceremonial tokens
to commemorate our Mark's third Heavens Day anniversary,
we also paid tribute to other angel friends with dates in common
by releasing balloons and throwing petals, with the assistance of my dearest friend, Pat B.

We first released the balloon for Cory G.
with his angel pic attached. It immediately
rose to lofty heights and headed north.
We then released the balloon for Darren G., Maki I., and Andy G.
with the "three angels" pic attached. Again, the balloon immediately rose to a lofty height
and then headed north.

It was then time for the balloon release for our Mark, our Airmail to Heaven.
The balloons first rose a bit, drifted south and
parallel to the ground, heading south...then
up to a lofty height, then slowly down again
about half way to the ground. From there,
the balloons headed east and then north just
below the tree line for approximately 100 yards, then slightly west,
making sort of a semi circle pattern around us as we
stood near Mark's grave.
The balloons then lifted, dipped briefly once more,
then were off, up and away, proceeding north, like the first two balloons.
This whole process took about ten minutes.

Coincidence? Well, maybe,
but, there was little wind, and no noticeable change in wind direction.
It was as though the path was just Divinely different enough,
as though Mark was telling us he was okay, and
just lingered a bit, before having to go so that we would know.
I believe this was my sign for which I've been praying.
I had goose bumps and the outside temp was a record 108 F.

Memories of Mark, Our Precious Son, Our Special Angel

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