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Yma: Hmmm.... I haven't updated in a while, but since NOBODY COMES TO THIS SITE, I CAN DO WHAT I WANT! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *begins to laugh hysterically... Yes, MWAHAHAHA does not count as "hysterically"*

Chica: Sorry guys... I gave Yma some of my caffeine, and Yma doesn't know anyone is listening...

Yma: Yes I do... I am Fajutza... Goddess of Blumberfatza!!! I know everything!! Bow to me! I am your superior!

Chica: I like bunnies.

Yma: Hey! We should be family types! For all you newbies, this is my... Uhh... Friend, BoomChica the III Esquire Reberba Langley Pocky Vita Yanyan Three Rivers High Sorceress Xieng Yi.

Chica: Just call me Chica for short!!!

Yma: Well anyways, this is our humble little anime site where we talk about random stuff and somehow link it to anime! Call me Fatza!

Chica: We hope you enjoy it!!!

Dezo: Wait a sec... I thought your name was Yma...

Chica: MY name is Yma.

Dezo: Then who's Chica??? Oh, *turns over her name plate and scribbles on it* that's me...

Chica: I'm Yma!

Yma: Hey! I'm Fatza!

Dezo: Call me Chica!

Yma: Welcome to our page!

Umm... lookie here! Bishonen in a Jar!!!

Thanx to Cailey for the great site, and also for her AAEIE!!

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