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His Glimpses of Light
written by Viola LaBounty 1996

As a child, she had not the language
To express what was happening
Within the walls of her young life.

She lived within herself, not bringing others in.
Unable to venture out, and locked away...
she aged beyond her tender years.

She felt she was different.
Set apart...old...and broken.
But "He" held her close.
With glimpses of light...
each step of the way.

She had lost herself in the patterns of life
Such a small, small child.
Who would notice anyway???

So small as a sparrow was she.
"His" light shines through,
As a beacon for ALL to see.

Rays of hope for those who follow,
Who have been locked away as she,
In the silence of aloneness...
Heal...and be free.

My Dear Friend Viola,
Thank you so very much for allowing me the
true honor of using your poem on my website.
I can relate to your words so well and I know that your
poem will touch the hearts of others as it did mine...
GREAT BIG hugs to ya and thank you for your
courage to stand with me to help others!!! :)

With Love Always,
~ Shanon ~

***The Different Forms of Abuse***

There are several forms of abuse...
Physical, Emotional, Verbal and Sexual Abuse.

If you or someone that you know,
or if you suspect that someone is being abused,
I urge you to please get help immediately.

Looking the other way or ignoring it
will not make it go away...
in will make it much worse.

There is hope and help is available.
If you do not know where to go for help,
contact me at my email address as listed below,
and I will be so glad to help you.

P.S. I do understand....I am a survivor! :)

This site is lovingly dedicated to Ms.Viola LaBounty
and to all victims and survivors of abuse.

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