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~ Heaven Sent ~

~ Heaven Sent ~

My heart had been torn apart,
my world was upside down,
and I was dying inside.

Love was something I was afraid of,
hurt I knew all too well,
and trust I did not know at all.

My dreams...well they were no longer,
they had been shattered by another.

I survived the abuse and
all the unnecessities.

I felt degraded, unwanted,
afraid, and so alone.

Then we met....was it by chance
or were you Heaven sent???

I sensed something special about you
the very moment that you said hello.

I felt as though you were an Angel,
and I was soooooooo right!!! : )

You were so kind, warm, caring,
a heart full of love, with a gentleness like a dove.

And with time, we became friends....
we began to open our hearts and share our lives.

We shared laughter, joy, happiness,
sorrow and also tears.

As we grew closer you began to reveal
and I began to see the pureness of your heart.

I could feel and experience your pain...
for you too had been deeply hurt just the same.

I knew that you would never hurt me,
I would die before I ever hurt you...
We both knew all too well how hurt felt.

I felt so very safe within you,
you showed me honesty and gave me love,
you taught me to trust again.

Your pain and tears also became mine...
you sooooooo deeply touched my heart and soul
in ways I never even dreamed possible.

I took you by the hand and
I showed you that love can be honest, kind,
and pure with a gentleness like a dove.

It is deep within my heart and prayers
that one day you too will be able to trust again.

I have come to know the real you,
and appreciate you for who you truly are.

You are the most wonderful person
that I have ever known...
you are so very special to me.

You grow more dearer to me
each and every day!

I hope and pray I have reached out and
touched your heart somewhere along the way.

I further hope and pray that I also
have touched your life in a very special way.

I no longer find myself wondering
if you were here by chance or Heaven sent...
you see I now know the answer : )

I will always cherish you
for forever and a day!!! : )

Thank you so very much for your incredible gift of Friendship....
and also for the honor and priveledge of knowing you!!! : )

Thank You so much BabyRoseBuds
and may God Bless you always :)
With Love ,

You have some really lovely pages
and I am awarding you with my Romantic Site Award.
Keep up the good work.
=) Misty

CONGRATULATIONS....I have visited your site
and I was very impressed with your web page design...
only the best of the best receive this award.


*Keep up the great work*

This site was created, designed and produced by Shanon Hanson.
The poem is my original work and it is owned by
HTxRose Enterprises - Houston, Texas.
This poem may not be copied or reproduced in any form,
without my written permission. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 2004 Shanon Ann Hanson

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