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  • Callahan County Texas Pictures

  • Callahan County Deed Listing

    This is the address & phone number to order information from the different lists from the courthouse.(New Additions to Listing as of 03/26/2011)

    Jeanie Bohannon, County Clerk, Callahan County
    100 W. 4th Street, Suite 104
    Baird, Tx 79504-5300
    Phone # 915-854-1217

  • Callahan County Texas Obituaries

    I Remember Callahan - 1986

    The Callahan County History Book Index is finished. I am leaving the names with the family group, that they show up in. I have listed the names in the history of the newspapers separate.
    All Cities that are indexed - Admiral, Atwell, Baird,Belle Plain, Caddo Peak, Clyde, Cross Plains, Deep Creek, Denton Valley, Dressy, Dudley,Eula,Iona,Oplin,Pioneer,Putnam, Rough Creek, Rowden,Scranton,Turkey Creek, Tecumseh, Union

    Callahan Historical Society is collecting pictures of what Callahan look like back in the late 1800's to about the 1950's or 1960's. These pictures will be put on the wall of the courthouse in Baird. Any help would be appreciated.

    Callahan County History Book for sale!
    If interested write Georgia Yawn, Chairman
    100 West 4th Street, Suite 100
    Baird, Texas 79504
    Prices are $55.00 pickup & mail to you $60.00.

    Callahan County History Book Index Listing

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  • Newspaper History

  • Callahan County Marriages 1877-1965

    I am starting a list of URL's that pertain to Callahan County, Tx families. If you would like to have your URL added to this listing please email me at

    This family listing, has a lot of surnames.
  • Smith Family - Sue Owens Site
  • Surles Family Listing
  • Abbott Family Listing
  • William's Scrapebook by Marie Robinson
  • Hill Family & Callahan County
  • Curbow Family Listing

    Other URL listings:

  • West Texas & East Texas Counties Cemeteries

  • Callahan County Archives

  • Texas Counties Archives

  • Callahan Landmarks

  • Cottonwood, Texas

  • Callahan

  • Texas Counties

  • Callahan County Political Graveyard

  • Callahan County Genforum

  • Postmasters of Texas

  • Central Texas Bit Maps

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