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Oglesby Cemetery

Callahan Co., Tx

Listed by Gary & Wanda Marsh & RayNell Duncan June 1999

Hiway FM 880 9 miles north out of Cross Plains, to FM 1079 thru Cottonwood onto Co. Rd. 446 until it T's into Co. 452, turn south to Co. Rd. 432, turn back east and go 300 ft. to gate entrance has a sign with the cemetery name next to the entrance gate. When you get next to the hill on the place the road will splited, take the road back west and follow it around the foot of the hill. You'll come to another gate, go thru it, its in a cove of trees to the left continue to follow the road it will take you to the entrance into the cemetery.

Ainsworth, T. M., April 3, 1856-March 26, 1895

Gillit, C. W., June 7, 1829-Aug 19, 1905

Gillit, Elizah, wife of C. W. Gillit, Apr 23, 1834-Aug 4, 1913

Gillit, Walter V., son of C. T. & V B. Gillit, Jan 16,1895-Aug 23, 1896

Mansfield, Henry, son of O. W. & L. O. Newton, May 24, 1926

McDonal, C. D., Nov 4, 1876-June 22, 1906, Woodsmen of the World Memorial Stone

McDonal, Clarah L. Dau of C.D. & F. C. McDonal, Oct 18, 1902-Oct 8, 1903

McDonell, J. G., Aug 3, 1845-Oct 10, 1901

McDonell, J. S., Dec 2, 1870-Aug 20, 1899

McDonel, Mary Parthenia, dau of C. P & J. C. McDonal, Feb 20,. 1901-Dec 6, 1901

McDonell, Margarette Parthenia, wife of John G. McDonell, Feb 15, 1852-Jan 27, 1929

McElroy. Mary Jane (Loper), June 9, 1836-Apr 19, 1919- married 1852 W. J. McElroy

McElroy, William J., June 4, 1832-Feb 13, 1905- married 1852 Mary Jane McEloy

Oglesby, Charles F., 1875-1943, spouse of Laura V. Oglesby

Oglesby, G. J., July 6, 1851-Feb 17, 1922

Oglesby, Laura V., 1874-1900 spouse of Charles F. Oglesby

Oglesby, J. A., Aug 8, 1846-Mar 10, 1928

Oglesby, Walter, son of G. J. & J. A. Oglesby, Sept 25, 1885-June 3, 1887

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