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If your on a dial up connection there is
Lots of images so it might take time to load.
please wait for it to load them.


Welcome to my download
page for my media items.

As You Can See I am JungleMonkey not
really a monkey but an chimpanzee,
some people call us jungle monkeys because they see
us more then monkeys them little monkeys hide alot.
STARE DOWN Challenge!!!!
I can out stare you, first one to blink has to buy the other lunch.
Don't do it he got all my lunch cereal.

look in to my eyes you will blink you will blink you must blink.

The MMIP file site of mine.
what are MMip files? (
mediamonkey installation pounder) ha ha.
not really what that means but it sounds like a good idea sometimes.
change the word
pounder to package,
My album art icons zip is at this mmip site also.

click the button for the page you want,
scroll down this page for winamp and karafun skin's and other items

This is the url for my skins and
other items to download.
Pages below are screenshots you can also get to the download page from.
Download page site

My Smallish skins page
My Small Skins page
My Medium Skins page

My Large Skins page

My Huge Skins page

You might like this it was
put up by roving cowboy, it is his free album page,

Free Music Album

of course me being jungle monkey I like the song titled:
"Jungle Drums"

for you that want some old album covers here is what i have fixed
or made for my use you might find them handy also.

My Album Cover page

Some one asked about promotion banners for media monkey. So I thought to post mine here
for you to beable to copy them more easlie. enjoy,
the banner I made to have monkey dancing in space.
but i like the button because it has my image on it.

we troop members and jungle monkey have made a few
background images and put them in this zip file .

these backgrounds are to be carbonated drink,
you can use them for soda or beer,
Media monkey 3 needs some trickry to get images in all the
background views but you can do it and
now seamless images work best in Media monkey 3
and they are free like everything else.

here for the zip file

Okay here is an new file to get it is my Equalizer Presets i use in mediamonkey.
here to get them and enjoy its a zip file just unzip them in to the monkeys folder
for EQ presets.

My Old School Winamp Visual Effects

these are what others call newbie but i call them old school
my favorite one is
Line Explosions it looks like plasma guns

click here for my avs zip file.
you will have to unzip this file and put it in the avs folder for winamp

Old Style Booth Wall JukeBox Script

Okay here is an script to get it click the jukebox.
this is a script we requested be made
and mediamonkey
forum member Raybeau528 did it for us.
of course rovingcowboy did the graphic's and
Raybeau528 used
a tool made by trixmoto.
but raybeau528 did the bulk of the script coding.
install this and then look on the play drop down menu to find this.
works on 800 x 600 screensize's or larger.

Jungle Monkey and his troop have been at it again.
Look what his troop did to this to the karafun player skin.
click here for Congo chimp.
Or on the screen shot below.

this zip file was told to unzip in to Karafun's default skin folder location
but you might have to make a folder in there?
the player is from

We are proud members of the troop lead by jungle monkey
and we are not going to do any skin that has too many images
we are limited in our understanding of this computer stuff and
we let roving cowboy have his trucking skin since it is his site
but when roving cowboy runs out of banana's we are throwing a fit.






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