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The Lost Songs of
Joe Loco And His Pachanga Band
That They Recorded As
Pepe Le Loco And His Orchestra

well really the songs were not lost i had copys of them.
it just took time to find out Whom pepe really was.
so he was lost.

Joe Loco is known to have used multiple pseudo names when recording,
because of contracts with bands which conflicted with,
his new band's recording dates after he had broke, with a band to join a new band.
He also was a freelance musician, that had his own band.

You can find more out about Joe by looking for his bio's at other sites online like there are some of his songs previewed there and the sound of them
sounds the same as these recordings which could have been done at the same time.

The only place I found the name of Pepe le Loco is on a promotional 8 track tape
that was handed out for free in 1969, and that tape is where I got these songs from.
He must have used Pepe on these tape recordings because he might have been under contract to another band at the time.

It took me over a year to track down Pepe Le Loco mainly because I had never
heard of Joe Loco. the only places on the internet that Pepe le loco is found is in
my search postings and this page here and on this page at geocity's yahoo servers.

Click the songs to get their zip files.

COFFEE,=1.37 mb's JUNGLE DRUMS,=1.90 mb's LATINO,=1.32 mb's
MACHITO,=1.58 mb's MANGO,=1.93 mb's MADAGASCAR,=1.80 mb's
RUM BA LERO,=2.11 mb's TEQUILA,=1.78 mb's

Trixmoto's mirror site links
Coffee, Jungle Drums, Latino, Machito, Mango, Madagascar, Rum ba Lero, Tequila,

the album covers are also in the songs but you can right click and save them here if you want too.

31.6 kb's
front cover art

56.7 kb's
back cover art

I Keith E. Hall ( ) have made the covers for this album and
put the songs in the computer, then converted them from analog to 16 bit 96kbps
digital format WMA's. And now since i got them free I offer them to you for free

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