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What We Believe

The Holy Order of Mephistoku's Logo

The goddess Mephistoku is an all powerful being whose appearence is that of a black cat. She controls the entire universe, but for the most part she is unacknowledged by the world today. In the distant past, there were many religions which worshipped her and did their best to do as she wished them to. Unfortunately, these religions were all but destroyed by the vicious attacks of Christianity. Somehow, however, the Holy Order of Mephistoku has survived throughout the ages, keeping the Lantern of Truth burning bright. Today, the order is still there to help those who have been mislead by all the religions today who forcefully "assist" others in seeing their "truth". I am the current Malaxian, just as my mother was and her mother before her. The Malaxians have all been females in my family with the ability to telepathically comunicate with the goddess Mephistoku. This is somehing that only the women have inherited. It is because of this that we believe that most men are inferior to women. In this respect, we share many beliefs with Man World, a religion which follows the writings on several scrolls called the Sacred Scrolls of Mourna. Man World says that soon women will rule the earth and all men except a chosen few will be sent to the rouge planet Man World. We, however, are not quite so harsh. While we believe most men are inferior, we don't turn away males who wish to be members. It is our belief that men are not biologically inferior, but choose to be inferior. We hope that men can be taught the way of things and will realize that they are inferior and try to better themselves. This may be in vain, but we must try. If this doesn't happen , however, then the goddess Mephistoku has informed me that the prophecies of Man World shall surely come true. An example of a man who has overcome all obstacles and is a good man, is The Grand Inquisitor Zandever. You can learn more about him in the section entitled, The Myvars. Members of the Holy Order of Mephistoku are referred to as Myvars. Becoming a Myvar is very easy. To learn more about this, visit the Join section. As you know, we worship the goddess Mephistoku. We believe that when you die, one of three things happens. If you have lived a good life, worshipping the goddess and always doing as she wished, you will go to inhabit one of the other planets in the universe. These other planets are not inhabited in the physical world, but in the spiritual world they are home to vast numbers of people. On one of these planets, you will spend the rest of eternity. If you have lived a good life but never acknowledged the goddess Mephistoku, you will be given a secound chance. Your soul will be transported to another body (usually a body between the age of 30 and 50) so you can try again. You will have no memory of your previous life. If you have lived a bad life and never acknowledged Mephistoku, you will be reborn until you get it right. There is no punishment for living a bad life. You will not be sent to burn forever in a pit of acid or anything awful like that. You will simply live life after life until you get it right. In fact, you could be living your 50th life and not know it.

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