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Golden Triangle Exotics

Proud Breeders of ,

Macaw Gallery
Society for the Preservation of the Hyacinth Macaw

Our Mission: To insure the enjoyment of all exotic birds by their owners and vice versa. We believe the success of parrots as pets and in the wild, lie in owner education and cooperation with breeding and reintroduction programs. Our Goal is to insure that every pet bird is a happy bird. To insure this we only sell hand feeding/fed birds and offer any support we can do insure that birds do not sit neglected in the corner. As a child I was lucky enough to help my father raise virtually every major species of parrot, including Hyacinth, Greenwing, Scarlet , and Blue and Gold macaws; numerous species of Amazons; African Grays, and several species of Cockatoos. As an adult, I am proud to be an officer for the Society for the Preservation of Hyacinth Macaws, and a cooperative breeding program for the rare Blue-throated Macaw. Many people I know that enjoy aviculture also enjoy bird watching. I am also fortunate enough to live virtually underneath one of the major "migratory flyways". Checkout this next link to see just a sample of the many birds that stop by on their migrations. Birdwatching Southeast Texas Style

Email: sclark3857@aol.com