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matt & heather

Tips on Making a Successful Webpage

Using Frames
Too Much Java Script
Under Construction Signs
Misusing Graphics
Using Fonts
Complex Backgrounds
Too Many Animations
Orphan Pages
No Organization
No Unique Content
Too Many Ideas
No Meta Tags
Outdated Links
Negative Declarations
Site Awards
Color Schemer
Palette Man
Color Table
Netscape Color Chart
RGB Color Table
Clip Art
Graphics by Subject
Fresh Flower Pictures
Desktop Publishing
Graphics Sets
Pat's Web Graphics
HTML for Kids
HTML Goodies
Bare Bones to HTML
Paint Shop Pro Help
Tutorial Links
Tips and Tricks
Pixel Web Works
PSP Tutorial
Web Hosting
Web Jump
Domain Zero
Fat Cow
Road Runner
CGI & Java
CGI Resource Index
Guestbook CGI
Great Resource for Web Design
Java Script Corral
Get Listed
Dr Watson
Simple Submit
Add Me
Website Garage
I Need Hits
Site Add
Other Stuff
Button Maker
Magic Buttons
Eyeball Design
Scanning Tips
Cyber Kit
Special Characters
Font Guy
Free PC Fonts
PC Fonts
1001 Free Fonts
Font Files